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Ah..Skius, can i have a bowl of rice?

Let me share something 'Chinese' with you guys for a moment.. Go to a typical restaurant in Brunei, preferabbly some place like Golden Leaf Restaurant or Thien Thien Chicken Rice, sit down and observe the customers. IF there are Chinese (not necessarily China Chinese in this case, just normal Chinese like me... or Josh Lap Lap ...bahahaha!!) do keep an eye on them when they order their food. I might be wrong on this but then again, i've done my experiment a few times and have came down to this conclusion. We, the Chinese people in Brunei Darussalam (not sure in Malaysia or other countries) have quite a number of hand gestures when it comes to having a meal in a restaurant. I'm not talking about knocking your fingers on the table when someone refill your cup of tea (For your information, that particular gesture means thank you which began wayyy back in one of the teng-tong-chiang dynasty. I kinda forgot what my China friend told me back when i was still in KL...) *edit -


I was playing around with my Adobe Photoshop the other day and this thing popped up in the corner of my computer screen... Attention . The one word that some people just want so badly. Didn't know that even electronic devices need them once in a while too. Seeing that i'm so free and bored, that's just what i did. In Him