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When transiting in Brunei

So i’ve got a friend’s friend who is going to be stopping by Brunei for a transit from New Zealand. Since Bruneians are quite rare in the land down-down under and i tend to brag about how awesome my country is, i was quite happy to hook up this friend of a friend with some of my friends at home to give this person a taste of my country when this friend of a friend asked me for this favor. I couldn’t help but giggle a bit when i read this message she sent me on FB; If anyone of you are planning to do transits in Brunei, please be aware that the following response may be yours if you’re thinking of ‘clubbing’ in Brunei.   Welcome to Brunei my friend of a friend! :)

Home bittersweet home…

It’s been too long since my last update. No doubt Singapore has totally left me uninspired but regardless, coming back home to Brunei will always give me that warm feeling in my heart. But the funny thing about coming back home is getting repeated questions by people asking “So when are you going back?” . A friend sarcastically passed a remark the other day saying “Sounds like everyone’s pretty keen for you to leave again!” Then again, i am sure everyone’s just asking for the sake of asking. It’s just one of those question where you cannot avoid asking once you touch on the subject. Just like asking newly weds when are we expecting little babies the day after their wedding day. While it feels really nice to be home, a bitter feeling is slowly starting to sink inside me when you look at what’s going on around you and suddenly feel that your home doesn’t feel like the home you grew up in anymore when you were younger. Your family isn’t complete. Your role being ‘someone’ in the family

Something we all can relate to…