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"can·cer" a. a malignant and invasive growth or tumor, esp. one originating in epithelium, tending to recur after excision and to metastasize to other sites. b. any disease characterized by such growths. 2. any evil condition or thing that spreads destructively; blight. "re-lapse" 1. to fall or slip back into a former state, practice, etc.: to relapse into silence. 2. to fall back into illness after convalescence or apparent recovery. 3. to fall back into vice, wrongdoing, or error; backslide: to relapse into heresy. –noun 4. an act or instance of relapsing. 5. a return of a disease or illness after partial recovery from it. "Psalms 103:1-5" "Bless the Lord, O my soul,and all that is within me, bless his holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases , who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with goodso that


"The people around you are the ones who influence you the most..." Now i get it . In Him

It's like déjà-vu all over again!

Sigh. My brother just left for Hong Kong today as he felt some hard lump growing and it's been hurting for quite sometime. I'm tired. In Him

Dream big!

Despite not being a sports fanatic, i'm still quite irritated whenever i come across articles and posts touching on my country's absence from the Olympics 2008 . I mean right now i don't want to care about whatever reasons our Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports comes up with anymore but i'm more annoyed with the fact that after this whole big messed up issue, i just realized that we, Bruneians do not dream big. Why? Because i know if there were athletes that have dreamt big enough of representing this country in the Olympics, there's bound to be more than 2 athletes that's 'qualified' to participate in the first place. Like really, out of the whole population of 400,000 people in Brunei, only 2 athletes are 'fit' to participate internationally initially but few days prior to the biggest sporting event in the whole world, our Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports suddenly say they have not met the minimum required standards set to compe

Mana kita?

We're FAMOUS!! Man, i love my country's way of making itself to the news. "Bah, nanti tah ku booking kita taraabang ke Cina...nanti tah...jom pergi minum dulu lah...mana Jing Chew? C.A Mohammad?" Today's headlines... A few reasons i can think of why the dude can't reach our team... Maybe...just maybe he got the wrong country code. Team's already midway through flight. Miscommunication? I mean honestly, some of our English are quite hard to understand... Team decide to save a bit of budget and take Air Asia and transit here and there Nada kredit... Whatever it was, i sure hope our Olympics committee representatives have a very good explanation regarding this... In Him

Properity, prosperity, prosperity!

How can i miss this one in a lifetime opportunity to not blog at all? Haha. Maybe my cyber-luck will change after this post? :P Happy Prosperity Birthday to Med-Nick ! Have fun watching the opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympics everyone! (P/S: Imagine how it's like if suddenly Brunei got blackout at 8.00 pm! Spoiler eh?) In Him

Ronald "J.P" Cheng

Meet little Ron...probably few weeks old after he was born. Calculation: Cost of camera then: BND$100? Cost of Kodak film: BND$10.00 Cost to develop film: BND $0.30 Total 'cost' for the above picture: $110.30 Now assuming that the camera was 2 years we depreciate that. Obviously the cost would be less than the above mention amount. Ok? Ok! Fast forward..bla bla bla! Estimated value today : $0.00 -_-" "In the case of the Jolie-Pitt twins, an unsourced report claimed the worldwide rights sold for $14 million , more than three times the rumored $4.1 million deal for Shiloh's baby photos in 2006. People has said that the rumored numbers for both deals, as well as those for other famous babies that have adorned its pages, are excessive. But it has declined to elaborate. " -Yahoo! News Like seriously man, before these 2 babies can even say the word "Gu!" , they're already worth million of dollars...! Like man! I don't get what's the

Happy Birthday to....

Bra-dor Step-hand! (in Pinoy accent) Thanks for everything. Love you loads, bro. In Him

An introduction...

Conversation #1. Me: Hello. My name is Ronald and i come from a little country called Brunei. X: Brunei? Where's that? Me: Southeast Asia, Borneo Island. X: Borneo Island? Me: Uh..near Sabah and Sarawak. X: That's Malaysia right? Me: Yeah we're like on the same island. X: Hmm... Me: Also on the same island with Kalimantan, Indonesia. X: Wait, so you guys are like in between Malaysia and Indonesia? Me: Can say lah... X: Don't know where.. Me: ... Conversation #2. Me: Hello. My name is Ronald and i come from a little country called Brunei. X: Brunei? Me: *sigh* X: Sounds like someplace i've heard of. Me: It's quite near to Sabah & Sarawak. X: Oh...Singapore right? Me: ... Conversation #3. Me: Hello. My name is Ronald and i come from a little country called Brunei. X: Oooh! Brunei!! Your Sultan is the richest man in the world right? Me: Not now lah...few years ago. He is still one of the richest man. X: Ah alright, alright. Then y