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Tanjung Bunut's Labu dan Labi...

Once upon a time there lived 2 brothers named Labu and Labi... Then they saw a camera to which they thought it'd be cool to strike a Awang Budiman pose... Here they are with their mummy dearest Dayang Tau Keh Niu... Labu was singing along to classic song "Getaran Jiwa" by legendary P. Ramlee maybe? Practicing early for Hari Raya to get more green packets... Then they kena rasuk hantu (possessed) by the Chinese "Jiang Sze" or should i say Chinese vampires... I'm sure we'll get the Bruneian citizenship without any problem! :D *added* Since Lens Len tagged me i'll just make her happy and answer whatever this is, otherwise she'll think i'm so emo. 5 things found in my bag -I don't carry bags around...even if i do, it'll either be my laptop bag or my sports bag which consists of shirts and towels. Sorry to "potong steam" but i'm a guy lah..haha! 5 things found in my wallet - Money - Picture of me, Farah, Mun and Uc ba

Saya sumpah...

If you see Ron preparing this type of outfit.... *Tajaan dari Encik Jumaat Malam* and you see Ron change from this... to this... *GASP* No, i'm not getting married nor am i renouncing my faith. Haha...I'll only be swearing in as a Bruneian tomorrow and yes, i have to wear baju cara Melayu. The last time i remember wearing that was way back in highschool when my friends and I went raya-ing and i thought it'd be cool to wear a baju cara Melayu just for the 'fun of it' . Now in less than 24 hours, i'll be wearing one not for the fun of it anymore but rather for an official matter. I'm not exactly sure how i should feel becoming a citizen of Brunei for now to be honest with you. I mean, it's not like as if Sultan will know that a dude name Ronald Cheng is going to be one of his many rakyat tomorrow (thought it'd be super cool if he really does know) but part of me still think i should've just hold on to my Malaysian citizenship whereas the other part


Ah yes, another movie that i managed to catch recently. It's been a while since i've watched much Asian horror movies cause ever since the release of "The Ring" and "Ju On" , i tend to notice that the concept of ghosts in most Asian movies today are more or less the same. You know the long hair covering one eye with an open mouth coming at you sort of thing. Anyway, from the directors of "Shutter" , Alone gets you on the edge of your seat literally. Plus, i wouldn't suggest you watching this movie with people who are easily freaked out because their gestures will make you paranoid. I was sitting in between 2 people who got so freaked out till the extend of closing their ears prior to the scary part that when i saw them doing that, i did the same too. Haha... The movie started out really great with shocking scenes that gets your adrenaline pumped up, but however towards the end, it got really bad. You know the type of movies where they love t

So close but yet so far...

*sigh* Never expected this to happen. We've been through this so many times and from the start till now, there weren't any problems at all. I did brace myself several times in the past whenever you arrive, but then you never seemed to get into any problems at all. Finally when i decided to put my guard down, i just realized my nightmare has begun. Why must it end like this? I was really excited when i heard you were coming. The moment i heard that you've left your place, anticipation began to build in inside of me. Finally when i knew that you were in town, i rushed all the way to fetch you. There you were, coming out...i stand in awe and was amazed by your beauty. After waiting for months, i've finally have you in my hands. But, it was only for a mere few minutes that i've had you when things began to take a big turn. Now i couldn't even remember how you looked like then. I could recall the frustration building inside of me when i tried over and over to get you

Baiburuk Bank "It's a great big world...with a crappiest bank!"

With response to Lulu asking why i hate Baiduri so much? Personally i've had so much issues with that bank especially with their services. That's the first thing. Try doing some transactions with them and i can assure you that none of them smile nor do they greet you. That's N-O-N-E ! So much for 'world class service' . And for most of the Baiduri Bank i go to, it's always during peak hours that 1 and/or 2 out of counters are open. Consider yourself very lucky to find once or twice all counters open during peak hours because up till date, i've never actually did. Last week was the worst that could've ever happened. I went and cashed out my company's cheque for my workers' salary and guess what? They've actually short changed me a total of $4,500! Not $45 you know, it's freakin' $4,500! That's RM$10,035 which is equivalent to 1,127 plates of Ikea Swedish Meatballs in KL! Gosh i just realized how much i missed them! For your inform

Stupid Bank...

I BLOODY HATE BAIDURI BANK!! Worst bank ever with the fakest slogan which I certainly wish i could spit on! "Ever single day we bring world class service to you..." World class service my hairy fat ass! Arghhh!! Never hated a bank so much in my entire life!

Lost twin?

Yes, another random post. Saw this on Yahoo's mainpage. Dude on the second looks like someone i've seen before... *think think think* Oh yea! Sammy boy ...haha! Have a happy holiday dude! In Him

Caps are called topi in Malay...

I think most of you can see by now that i've got a really bad habit of spending money . No i'm not rich at all, it's just that i do not have a good habit of saving up money. I do try once in a while but it'll always end up with me buying something. Yes, it's that bad. Plus what makes it worse is, having friends who "try" to discourage me from buying certain item will only make me find another 1001 reasons to why i want to buy that particular item even more! When it come to collectibles, i'll be so tempted to buy all of them or at least try to buy all of them. Take CDS for example, one of my retarded habit is to buy the album IF i like one or two songs from it. Then, if i grow fond of the artist, i'll tend to buy ALL of the albums that's been produced by the artist regardless of whether the album is good or bad. Thank God i grew out of Michael Jackson's music otherwise i can't imagine what's filled in my room now. Haha.. Oh and