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Brunei on The Simpsons....4 years later!

The last time i remembered Brunei being mentioned in The Simpsons was like way back in 2005 . Dang, 4 years later and i'm still watching this cartoon. Oh and for some reason, they keep picking on HM. I think he watches it too.


My name is Anthony. Nice meeting you. (P/S: By any chance if you find the above person hot, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and you'll be hook up with him in no time! LOL!)

Meet Anthony...

He's a ridiculous 'die hard rugby fan' who constantly stalks his favorite player. And tomorrow, he's going to meet someone from the All Blacks for real. Yes, looking ridiculously super chinky. Go Anthony!

Watch Over You...

Watch Over You - Alter Bridge I love how Myles Kennedy expressed himself when singing this song.


How does it feel to turn 22? Super grateful. I don't know about you guys but it seems to me like this world is getting more crazier. Each day i read the news over here, there's always dozen reports of people losing their lives. Be it accidents, cancers, suicides, homicides, insecticides, pesticides and all the other 'cides'. It's just scary. I've also been trying to catch up with news back home and of course the recent buzz was about a Kiwi woman who lost her life in a hit and run accident back home while she was cycling. The news eventually made it here. However, according to the local report here, it's stated that the Brunei police already found the driver of the car who hit the cyclist but i can't seem to find any local report back home to confirm that. Hmm. If it is true that the authorities did find the driver of the car but no press report was release, i would think that it's all shushed by that 1 question... "Ko kenal aku siapa ka? "

‘Te Whare Hoiho

Since i've been getting a lot of comments about how gorgeous the place over at Bay of Islands was, here's some more pictures for you to envy. If you are planning to stop by New Zealand anytime during the year and at the same time keen to stay there, or if you just wanna know more information about the place, click here ! Oh and thanks for the birthday greetings you guys. It really made my day! :) 

New Zealand's House of the Year 2008

Russell was one of the best place i've ever visited in my life. The house we stayed in has the most breathtaking view ever and it just happened to be the New Zealand's House of the Year 2008 which we only found out by looking at the magazine that was in the house. Apparently, the owner wanted to have a house that's literally situated on the top of mountain with nice view to give one a perfect feel of getting away from life and all that they spent around NZD  $600,000 - $1 million to build this house. But they're not staying in it. They're staying somewhere in the States. Isn't that ironic to spend so much building a house that you don't even wanna stay in it permanently? The magazine that proves you are really staying in one of New Zealand's finest house... Can't resist to strike this type of pose when you're having a view like that... The house is all fully furnished with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen. Everything is pretty mu

It's beginning to look a lot like...

CHRIST MAS! Well, not really but it hailed today. Brunei boy got a little over excited about this strange weather phenomena. This would probably be the closest i'd ever come to playing with snow. See that guy in the right? He's my flatmate. I find him kinda weird at times. The other day, i was reading the instruction from the box of a frozen meal 'cause i wanted to know how long i should defrost the meal in the microwave. He walks up to me thinking that i do not know how to operate the microwave oven, looked at my box and showed me how to do it.  Except that he kinda read the instructions on how to defrost it using the conventional oven way. Can you imagine how weird it is for me to look at a microwave oven heating nothing inside for 6 minutes and having to place my frozen meal in it to 'cook' for 2 minutes after the 'oven' was all heated up? Of course my frozen meal didn't cook after letting it rest for another extra 2 minutes so he insisted that the &

Of essays and alarms...

It's been a hectic week for me rushing up on my essays. I am so happy to finish this last one before the Easter break before getting another pile of it after the break. I had my share of 'fun' staying up till 6 am today just rushing on my essay as it was 3 hours later. Not exactly proud of my actions but i'm happy that i don't need to stress about essays for the next 2 weeks or so. As of now, i only got 2 exciting agendas which i'm really looking forward to during the break. This weekend, i'll be heading up north to Russell Homes at the Bay of Islands with a bunch of mates to chill, relax and unwind. Definitely can't wait for that. Can't wait to do a lil' bit of fishing. Last i recalled, i had fun fishing at Kota Batu so i'm sure this would definitely top that. After that it's going to be a 4 days 3 nights at TSCF Camp over at Eastern Beach. Same venue as where i attended the LIFE camp earlier on. So yes, that is pretty much goin

My proposal for Joel...

I call this "Steak with spicy mushroom barbecue sauce....well done!"