Confusion say....

TelBru regrets confusion at counter

We refer to Kangta164 (BB issue, 24th May 2006 entitled "E-Speed Blues Continue") regarding his displeasure of the services provided by our counter staff when he applied for a migration of his e-Speed1 service to e-Speed2 during our new subscriptions for e-Speed2 promotion.
We sincerely apologise to him for the confusion and inconvenience caused due to the misleading information given by our counter staff. We would like to thank him for bringing this matter into our attention.

To ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future, we will further enhance the sharing of information on our products and services within the organisation especially to our counter staffs.

We are too happy to accommodate the writer's requirement and invite him to approach us directly.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform our valued e-Speed1 customers that TelBru is currently implementing a phased migration of e-Speed1 to e-Speed2 as part of its consolidated network plan for the new Next Generation Network (NGN).

We are making every effort to ensure minimum service disruption during this migration process.

We wish to thank our customers for their continuous support and rest assured that with this migration, they would still enjoy better services with e-Speed2.

- Adri HM Arshad
Corporate Communications
Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru)
Tel: 2384888, F: 2383888,

Nyahahahaha... :)

In Him


Unknown said…
"...we will further enhance the sharing of information on our products and services WITHIN the organisation ESPECIALLY to our counter staffs."

oh, they mean as opposed to the memos theyve been sending to the flying monkeys of the wicked witch of the west?! i mean like wha..?

"...invite him to approach us directly."

ey man, im not sure but it kinda sounds like an invitation for an ass kicking showdown.!!

so like ron, if ur goin kan, gimmie a call tau. ill be there, no worries babes.. heh.
Philip Khor said…
lol.. its nice to get your 2 cents heard. The last time I did it back in 2003, they replied, but did nothing substantial. Goodluck, dude :)
kangta164 said…
Basira:'re all the way in Berlin la!! Robin to rape them! :D

Pip: Yeap..wasn't expecting to reply though but they did. We'll see how 'progressive' TelBru promises to be...

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