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Bro is finally out!

My brother is finally discharged from the hospital! The hospital organized a mini celebration with the other stem cell transplant patients today. Sort of like a birthday party. We even sang a birthday song. Right now, he will be waiting for his next appointment with his doctor to see what else that needs to done next. Throughout this whole ordeal in the hospital, we also had the privilege to cross path with another fellow Bruneian who has been in Singapore doing his treatment for quite a while. Bro & Desmond Praise God for a breakthrough. It's been tiring for my mom and frustrating for me as i'm not exactly the biggest fan of this country but i am extremely happy to see my brother out of the hospital. Do continue to keep him and Desmond in prayers.

Lomo-ing in Bangkok, Thailand

I took a week off from Singapore to unwind myself in Bangkok, Thailand last week. It was my first trip to Bangkok and much to my surprise, things aren't as horrible as i had in mind. It's quite pleasant other than the weak free wifi services offered (quite surprised that there's actually free wifi provided) and the occasional mis-communication with the locals here. Here are some lomo shots from my new toy, the Diana+. Ah, the joy of shooting with plastic. Not as easy as i thought though. Still need to figure my way around it. Definitely had my fun in Bangkok for the first time. I think it's by far the cheapest place to shop for good quality and fashionable clothes.

Kah, kah, kah….

I’m lovin’ it…

My brother is....

Hokkien; 'siao' English; 'crazy' Dusun; 'lului' Cantonese; 'sot' Mandarin; 'xen jing' Malay; 'gila' I think the chemo also killed some of his brain cells.

Diz eez mai...

When i need to travel, this is what i will tell them.... When i am back in uni, i will tell my friends... When i buy something, i will take this out and let them know...