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The almost 40 year old virgin

Sooo if you haven't know yet, ever since i got kicked out of the student apartments , i've moved in with a friend who was kind enough to offer his place. I remembered when he picked me up from the airport, he told me a little about this other flatmate of ours, her background of where she comes from, how she has her little 'rituals' in the kitchen of certain things being certain ways and also asked me what i thought about single woman in their mid 30's coming to 40's staying alone, not married or dating. In order not to offend any of the readers who might be under that category, i shall not say anything but i did mention to my friend that as long as i keep the kitchen clean, respect her privacy and have some common courtesy, i shouldn't be too worried about upsetting her. I've been staying here since March and guess what? Today she *finally* snapped at me for the very first time...over a freakin' bottle of mayonnaise. Why i said 'finally'

Dream interpretation: Tooth loss

I had a dream last night. I lost my front tooth. So i went on ' the google ' (as George Bush would say it) and searched up on what that meant. Too bad i don't know any David around here who can interpret dreams, but thanks to the ' internets ', this is what i found... Tooth loss dreams are profoundly disturbing and extraordinarily common. The dreams take many forms from teeth shattering like glass to crumbling away. But how they disappear is not nearly as important as the disturbing feelings their departure leaves behind. Tooth loss dreams are symbolic of the deepest fears human beings have. Here is a guide to understanding the meaning of these dreams. Fear of Death and Growing Old Think about when teeth fall out in waking life -- when children become adults and when adults begin aging. Therefore, losing teeth in dreams may be symbolic of fears of growing old or fears of death, and may occur when one is ill, nearing a milestone birthday, or preoccupied with m

Working man...part time!

Hi. Next time if you plan to go shoe shopping, please be nice to the person serving you. Don't make them grab you 92324042045834349340233021 pair of shoes with all sort of sizes and walk out without buying a single pair. That is just unacceptable. 

Mid Christmas thought...

So, Subway currently is having a mid Christmas promotion around New Zealand where they give out freebies each time you swipe your Subway card when purchasing your favourite subs. You could win movie tickets, flight tickets and other goodies the moment you swipe. I won a free drink. Woohoo. Anyway, that's not the point. When i read the poster advertising about the whole mid Christmas thing going on, two things crossed my head. 1. Someone in Subway must've been annoyed that Christmas in New Zealand is ALWAYS hot so they just decide to come up with a mid Christmas promotion during this winter. You know, just to give you that real Christmas feeling with the whole cold weather. 2. Joy to the world, the Lord is come. That second thing there, has actually been on my mind more when i started singing that song in my head. The Lord is come . I'm not exactly accurate with my English but when a sentence sound off, i know it's off. For this Christmas carol, we've all been

Lonely in a crowded place

What type of friend are you?  1. Social networking friend: You can relate very well only via Facebook and Twitter. You 'hang out' and 'bond' by writing on each other's wall and tweeting back and forth every few days if not daily and feel like you have an inseparable bond. Your usual hangout spots are usually at a place that has a # in front of it or at a photo album.  2. Superficial friend: The type of friends where you meet every now and then but each time you go home, at the back of your head, you ticked off the usual questions checklist that you expected them to ask. "How are you?", "How's your week/weekend been? / How's your week/weekend looking like?", "Any plans?", "What are you doing for -insert day/date/time-?".  3. Friend: Genuine.  Hmm.