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Prayer request..

Friends.. Kindly keep my dad in your prayers. He's not feeling so good now. We can't do much at the moment but what i need is all of you to pray for my dad. Ronald.

Internet kills!

Lately, i've been feeling extremely tired. Like really tired! I come back from training, walk into my room, ignore everything else, switch on my laptop, connect to the Internet , click around and go to sleep. Whenever my phone rings in the middle of the night, or when i'm sleeping, i tend to have this habit of not hearing it. And yes, i know it's not a good thing. So here i go, waking up in the middle of the night, checking my phone, then continue sleeping. My whole body is aching. Today fortunately, i woke up at around 2 am? And now here i am, typing away like nobody's business early in the morning. Thank God my shift starts at 3pm later or else i wouldn't know what's gonna happen. Housekeeping is alright. The people there are sort of like, keeping stuff to themselves. Not much friendliness but as long as i'm doing my work, they're doing theirs, everything should be alright. Haven't talked much to anyone of them like casually , aside from the maids

Think you've had a bad day?

Think you're having a bad day? Could it be worst than this guy? Mugged three times in an hour A German man who was mugged in a night club was mugged again two more times while waiting for the police. Reiner Hamer, 27, from Oberhausen, lost his wallet containing £120 and his mobile phone when three men attacked him in the toilet of his local night club. He called police from outside the club using a friend's mobile, but while he waited for them to arrive he was approached by three other men, who stole his watch and cigarettes. As he leaned back against the wall to recover, another five men approached him and again threatened him, stealing his jacket and the last of the small change. source: Ananova *lol* I can't imagine being in his situation. What do you learn from this? Once robbed, go back home. Stop bumming around waiting for the police. I'm going to the housekeeping department tomorrow. Not looking forward to it but hopefully everything will be good. Just came back