Oh, hello there! My name is Ronald. 

But I prefer Ron for short. Born and raised in Brunei for most part but have lived in Malaysia & New Zealand for a good number of years. Married to an amazing wife who claims what's mine is hers and that her farts smells of roses. 

Currently juggling between two jobs being a full time banker and a part time radio presenter on KRISTALfm, Brunei's most listened to radio station. That's 90.7FM or 98.7FM in case you were wondering. Co-hosting the Breakfast Show every Tuesday morning, Midweek Madness on Wednesday evening and The Boy's Club every Friday night. 

You know the saying...'when life gives you lemon, make lemonade'? Well, this personal blog contains most of the lemons threw at my life since 2005. Read on the lemonades I made out of it, occasionally a few of my sour faced story but most of the time, how much I sweat whenever I take any sour stuffs. #truestory.

If you feel there is a need to contact me, click here. But if it's a lawsuit of any kind, I can safely assure you that I have no money and will take the jail option. 

Mandatory disclaimer: This is my personal blog. All opinions expressed on posts past, present and future are purely my own. 


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