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Seriously, how i did it....

This could be my longest entry on my blog because i feel it's about time i share this with you guys. I think this is by far, one of my life changing moments that i have not talked about to much people properly. And knowing that there are quite a number of readers reading, i'll try to make this know appropriate for all ages. Haha. This could probably the 'other side' of me that some of you might have not seen (those who have only met me recently) where for some who have knew me long time ago, just bear with me on this one. It is my blog after all. :P

I won't promise that what i'm going to blog about will work for you as it did for me but i'm just typing it out of my own experience. If you are a smoker and you really do feel like you're serious about quitting, get professional help immediately. Otherwise, just try using what i went through as guidelines. I just hope it'll help you as much as possible.

"Seriously, how did you manage to qu…

Happy Birthday Bong!

As much as i want to leave the previous post longer for you guys to debate on how the lady is rotating, (Fact is she's actually rotating 1 way but it's how your brain tells you to see shows it's either clockwise or anti-clockwise. No, the picture does not randomly change direction. Yes, whether you're seeing it clockwise or anti-clockwise, if you manage to find the "X" point, you can see the lady rotate the other way and vice versa. Period.)i have to leave a special birthday post to someone who's probably still clubbing away being "tipsy" (no...not drunk, for her it's called tipsy) as always celebrating her 18th birthday as i'm typing this.

Big shoutout to Ms. Jocelyn Bong Yee Lin(g?) a.k.a Bongggg. I won't leave much mushy mushy messages for you here because i'll let the ONLY picture that i like, speaks for itself.

The most unforgettable eyes i've ever seen. Gosh, i almost forgot how sexy it looked on you. Bahahahaha! Ms. Curt…

Lefty or Righty?

A buddy of mine from KL sent this to me. Which direction is this lady turning? Clockwise or Anti-clockwise?

Don't worry lah there won't be anything scary that'll pop up...

Majority of people who see this will see that the lady is turning clockwise direction. It shows that they're using more on the right side of the brain whereas some see the opposite way. But if you concentrate long enough, you can see the lady turn the other way instead of the normal way. It's just all in your mind. Pretty cool eh?
Oh and just for the record, look who's finally back again? Just approximately only 15 entry posts entry in my blog since your farewell one and you're back already. I knew you couldn't survive life in Kuching without me around. Hahaha! Yes, I'm 'uber' cool! Woohoo!

In Him


What's one of the weirdest thing that could ever happen to you first thing in the morning? For me, it was definitely getting a phone call right about 9am when you just barely woke up and having someone calling you up asking you to donate blood. Not to go breakfast or anything but rather to have needles poking into your tender veins sucking out precious blood from your body first thing in the morning. Definitely not something you'll get everyday. Haha.

So i managed to achieve something i once thought i would never do. Blood donation. Yeap. I managed to contribute some of my blood to my country. I just hope they won't spill my blood all over the operating room or have some psycho Malaysian steal my blood and pour over their land just because their national anthem says "Tanah tumpahnya darahku". Hah! And by the way, this was my first time going for blood donation so i really didn't know what to expect other than knowing that there will be needles poking my veins.

Funny Ha-Ha

Remember my post back then on how i pick dvds judging from the ratings and critics comments given that's printed on the dvds? I'm taking it back. Not ALL movies are as good as how they've been rated. Okay, maybe it's just me but still, i know how to tell when movies are great, okay and when they stink big time which leads me to this movie that i bought recently from our nation's biggest, widest and finest movie store.

Funny Ha-Ha. This is by far the most overrated film ever (for me). I seriously have no idea why they would give comment like "One of the Top 10 films of 2005"when the quality of the movie seems like it's been filmed way back in the 1980's. To start off, the title itself doesn't even live up to what the movie has to deliver. With a title like Funny Ha-Ha, obviously one would really expect something funny from it but while i was watching this, waiting to burst out laughing till my lungs explode or at least a giggle, this darn movie …

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Mummy's happy 'cause it's her birthday...

Not only that, it's actually her "32nd" birthday...
Yeap. I've got a pretty young and hip mummy i tell ya. :P

Farewell #3 - Ya Chee / Tecky

Another farewell post. Don't know how long i can stand doing this. I seriously need more friends now.

First up...

Lim Ya Chee, my kitchen duty buddy for camp this year. It's been a fun year getting to know both you and Timmy. You're one of the very few people who I know that have so much patience and commitment and it’s really encouraging. I’m still amazed at how you can wake up super early during camp, get ready and cook breakfast for the youths and then make sure everything’s in place and then head off to work where you'll come back again during lunch / after work and help. I really can't thank you enough. Although it’s been a really quick year, I’m sure we’ve had our shares of ups and downs especially while working together as a team during camp. And I definitely wouldn’t think I could’ve done it without your help (and Timmy’s too!)

I’m sure it’s going to be a great experience for you in U.K (or was it Scotland?). I’ve never been there myself so I don’t quite know …

Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty. Managed to *coughs* grab” a clear version of this movie somewhere. I just love how clearer copies are always being release faster online, comparing to the ones on dvds no?

For those who do not know who exactly this “Evan” character is in Evan Almighty, (if you did watch Bruce Almighty before or have not watch it yet), he’s actually the anchorman on the news back in that movie. I’m sure everyone remembered this part from the movie where he really made me laughed so hard even until now.

“In other news, the Prime Minister of Sweden visited Washington today and my tiny little nipples went to France…”

I thought Steve Carell(Evan Baxter in Evan Almighty / Bruce Almighty) acted well for his role in this movie. I’m sure there were high expectations from people or maybe even critics for this movie and definitely there will be comparisons between him and Jim Carrey(Bruce Nolan in Bruce Almighty) but I wouldn’t say this is a complete let down like what other people would claim. The …


Ever since the existence of the internet, a lot of phrases suddenly popped out of nowhere. Phrases like “L.O.L” (Laugh Out Loud), “L.M.A.O” (Laughing My Ass Off), etc have been heavily used by everyone, everywhere. Right. That sounded pretty much like a report. Haha!

I, too happen to use a lot of phrases online, in case you didn't notice or you don't really chat with me much. Mine's the classic “lol” phrase, which I don’t even laugh out loud in reality really. It’s just something I’d always type to fill in the awkward silence moment in the cyberworld. But then again, if there is really something funny online and I need to express it out to someone else, I won’t just type “lol!” just because I’m laughing out real loud…in fact, I’d just express it right away just like how I do in reality…


...and flood the windows of the other user. Most of the time when I type “lol”, I’m not even smiling. So don’t think when I “lol” with you I’m really laughing …

Happy Birthday...

Bro decided to bring the family out for dinner (finally!) to celebrate my sis' 18th birthday. And for once, we're not eating in some steamboat place. Went to this "Twelv" restaurant which i initially thought it's some club wannabe in Brunei. Seriously, judging from the d├ęcor outside, i really thought it's like another Sugar & Spice place. Turned out that it's actually an ok place to dine if you have spare cash.

It's been a while since all of us went out together as a family after dad's passing but i'm glad tonight we managed to. Surprisingly, bro insisted on staying longer after dinner when most of the time, he'd be the first one to disappear. Wanted to take a picture with the birthday girl when my bro suddenly talked about how girls love to have that "1-2-5 pose". What's the "1-2-5 pose" you ask?

Here's an illustration..

The "1" pose would be the finger on your mouth pose

The "2" pose would …

Ba ram bam bam bam...

Drums. I've always been fascinated by it since young. Whenever i see a live band performing, the first person i'd look at would be the drummer. Regardless of how crappy the music is or how bad the voice of the lead singer goes, i've always thought the drums were super cool. So finally after years and years of just watching and envying, i've decided to pick it up. Much thanks to Joel for the encouragement. I've always assumed that drums wouldn't be THE instrument that i'll ever settle down with due to the fact that ihave bad hand and feet coordination which i really do actually. I just need more practice to get use to the whole coordination.

Come to think about it, i think most of the music instruments need coordination anyway. I remember going for guitar lessons before and boy did i sucked big time. My fingers couldn't coordinate at all! Ever since attending my first guitar lesson and being terrorized by it (or at least by the teacher who taught me then.…