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It's really amazing what life without internet can do to you. For the past few days while i was internet deprived, i managed to do a lot of reading, more quiet time, sleep ridiculously early (by 9 pm i'll be all tucked in in bed) and waking up ridiculously early just to prepare for something that's gonna happen like 3 hours later. Wanna choose a healthy lifestyle? Lose your internet for a while. You will be really surprise at what you'll accomplish. But it's all good now for me as i've managed to get my connection all set up although i'm still pretty much limited to a 10gb cap per month. Speed wise however is indescribable. I mean i've heard of 1 mbps speed but never quite experienced it until today. Picture this. Ron, internet-less for almost a week, begin to miss his downloads. Once got his connection all up, immediately downloaded his favourite series and less than an hour later, i'm just chillin' and just enjoying the show. Suck on that E-S

Kia Ora from Auckland!

It’s been 3 days into the City of Sails and so far, it has been a great trip. No, i haven't seen any sheeps yet so don't bother asking me. My flight from Brunei to Auckland wasn’t that bad despite the whole plane not having the “SKYDREAMER” seats which got me pretty annoyed prior to my departure but it’s all good after a while. My first long distance flight experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it would turned out to be probably because due to the stewardess that kept offering to feed me every hour on the plane. I might have saved a few empty spots in my stomach for the food on Business class but come on, I’m sure I didn’t look like I was dying of starvation before I left, was I? Ah, the repetitive questions of “Excuse me Mr. Cheng, would you like to have a drink?” and “Mr. Cheng, how about something to eat?” still ring fresh in my ear. God bless her kind soul. In case you guys don’t know, this was also my first time heading off to somewhere far (furthest i've ever been

Goodbye Brunei....


In about 8 more days...

That's gonna be my uni and right around the corner will be where i'm gonna be staying for the remaining year. Oh you see that small little box right next to my apartment there? Oooh yea... Actually i just hope that missing "s" is really a typo. God knows once i'm there, it'll really turn out to be a convenient store with the spelling of Starbuck without the 's' . I can't wait to discover the rest of the boxes around. Hehe.

Pao Chuk Poh...

I know my mom was an actress! She acted in Kung Fu Hustle without telling us... Remember this scene? I think she forgot to return her colorful hair curler thingy to Stephen Chow. Hahahaha.