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Ronald C. Telescope?

Ever since coming back to Auckland this year, i have decided to at least try and look for a part time job just to earn a bit of spare money. So far, i've submitted multiple CVs to different places and haven't gotten any calls or feedback at all. I'm not sure which part of the recession we're in right now but the last i heard, everyone was saying that we're out of it already. There are days where i just feel like i shouldn't be worried too much about getting a part time job since i should put more concentration into my studies but this other ambitious side of me just tell me to try it out for a while to get a feel of it. I have just submitted another whole bunch of applications today and i'm hoping to get at least a phone call. Even if it's a phone call to say they're not looking for part timers, that would make me feel rather happy since at this stage, i'm not even sure if any of my CVs are even being looked at. Speaking of jobs, if most of y


I find it ironic how every year after each birthday, someone has to ask this question.... "So how does it feel to turn xx? " I'm not sure if there is even a proper answer to that question. I mean really, how does it feel to age another year? We age every single day. Every single hour. Every single minute! But do we feel it? Of course no. I still feel the same as how i felt yesterday and the day before. As far as i know, i think i still feel the same when i was 10 years old as to how i feel when i just turned 23 a few days ago. Just more hair around.  :P Photo credit: Sheena Gow I just wanna say a big big thank you to all of you who sent your wishes. It sure made me miss all of you back home. Massive thank you to OCFers for making this year a special surprise for me. I was expecting maybe a turnip or cucumber since i got a beetroot last year but a birthday cake was just nice. I was prepared for a cake-less birthday this year as sad as it may sound. I thank God for th

Tabloid Junkie

Speculate to break the one you hate Circulate the lie you confiscate Assassinate and mutilate As the hounding media in hysteria Who's the next for you to resurrect JFK exposed the CIA Truth be told the grassy knoll As the blackmail story in all your glory It's slander You say it's not a sword But with your pen you torture men You'd crucify the Lord And you don't have to read it, read it And you don't have to eat it, eat it To buy it is to feed it, feed it So why do we keep foolin' ourselves Just because you read it in a magazine Or see it on the TV screen Don't make it factual Though everybody wants to read all about it Just because you read it in a magazine Or see it on the TV screen Don't make it factual, actual They say he's homosexual In the hood Frame him if you could Shoot to kill To blame him if you will If he dies sympathize Such false witnesses Damn self righteousness In the black Stab me in the back In the face To lie and shame the

Grandma's "Chap Fan" (Mixed Rice)

Just thought i'd share another simple to cook recipe which my mom learned from my grandma. In case you don't get what "chap fan" means, in Cantonese it means mixed rice. My grandma was from Hong Kong and this was one of the dish my dad loved to have. Why mixed rice? That is because literally, you mix all sorts of stuffs into the rice and you cook it. Here's what you'll need; - Vegetables of your own choice (the more the merrier). For mine, i have used the following vegetables; cabbage, lettuce, peas, carrots. My mom told me adding some chinese mushrooms would improve the taste but because i'm lazy to walk to the asian store to get some, i decided not to use it. - Onions, spring onions and garlic . (the more the merrier as it gives more flavor to your meal) - Chinese sausages (lap-cheong) . Personally, i think this is the most important ingredient for me cause the taste of chinese sausage makes the rice taste so good. But if you don't like chines