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Ruins of St. Paul's in Macau

The St. Paul's Ruins used to be the main facade of St. Paul's Church (Church of Mater Dei) The Society of Jesus has been in Macau since 1565 with a mission to carry out evangelical and educational work. The order initially lived near what is now St. Anthony's Church but soon moved to the area stretching from the Ruins of St. Paul's to Monte Fortress. There, on the 1st of December 1594, they founded the first western style university in the Far East - St. Paul's College. Work on the college and church began in 1602 after plans by Martyr of Japan Father Carlo Spinola (1564 - 1622). It was consecrated in the following year. The monumental facade was completed several years later in 1637 - 40. In 1836, the College and the Church were destroyed in a fire. Only the facade and a large part of the foundation have survived up to the present day and are now called the " Ruins of St. Paul's " In Him

Merry Christmas from Hong Kong!

My apologies for not updating this blog for the past 2 weeks as I'm currently having a great time here in Hong Kong with my family and relatives. It's really been a long time since i've last seen them (13 years to be exact) and it's just so overwhelming seeing most of my cousins being so much older than i remembered and the the guys side all....balding. Lol! And not forgetting trying to get comfortable with my new nephews and a neice which popped out during my hiatus of 13 years. So far, it's been a fantastic trip for me especially with the cold breeze blowing in which is definitely a bonus to add in to the Christmas mood. I just love cold weather! Shopping wise, as predicted i did spend quite a lot for this trip. I mean, how can you not when gadgets sold here are ridiculously cheap and don't even get me started with clothings when everything is on S-A-L-E this time around. :P But yes, i've decided to update my wardrobe a bit since both my brother and sist

Happy Belated Birthday to...

YOU Love you bro! :) In Him

My first IELTS experience

6 hours drive to sit for a paper that determines whether or not my English got wasn't exactly a pleasant one for me. Being a newbie at driving down to KK, both Frank and I had to rely on his printed out route map from BSB - KK which he found somewhere online that helped a lot although certain part of the map doesn't quite exist anymore. But it did lead us to KK eventually. Haha. I've never driven down to KK on my own nor with someone who also don't quite know the way around so it was a little 'adventurous' of us to decide on driving least that was what it felt like when the journey started lah. After the first 3 hours of driving it became boring ...then into the next hour when the rain started pouring, it became... scary . When the sun set and we're only 3/4 into the journey, with the road dark and the rain still boring, it became pure frustrating . But thank God we arrived safely. So how was the IELTS test? Let's just say it was


Anyone ever sat for an IELTS test before? Is it hard? Is it soft? Haha. My English is getting bad so i'm really worried that i might flunk it if there's a need for me to do the test. In Him (P/S: Reach quota for the month! Yesss!)

I is...

"Woooopeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" The smile of a bummer... In Him


I've got 3 more working days to go and then, I’ll be officially done with work. At this moment, the feeling I’m getting is more on a ‘super stressed out – why the heck am I still doing this thing’ level rather than the ‘kick back, relax and watch people suffer’ mode that most people usually said would happen during the final week of work. Grr… Or maybe that’s just because there’s no more internet in the office…haha. Speaking of offices without internet, is it really crucial that all companies must / need to have internet connection to like survive or something? Somebody was ultimately surprise when I told her that my company does not really use the internet. Well, actually we don't need internet at all but i just requested it so i can 'work' like most of you guys. Haha. We’re like stuck in the 80’s still using old ledger books and stuffs. But really, i'm sure there's someone here that's working in a company that does not have internet right? Or better sti

Officer Dribbles

Not sure if i've posted this before. In case you're wondering who that white dude is, he was my classmate back in college during my years at KDU College . Just so you know, he actually bought those retarded police toys while walking past a store on the way back to class from our lunch break and he's always coming up with some nonsense to entertain people or himself. But i do get humoured by him a lot too then. He's just too funny. And of course, you can see me there like 4 years ago or something? Ah, the glorious days of studying hospitality. In Him


Saw this sign when i was sending a friend home. It's kinda funny if you misinterpret it. Well, i always do anyway. :P In Him


Resident Evil + 28 weeks later + Cloverfield = Quarantine . Yeap, this is what you'll get. During my Cloverfield frenzy earlier this year, i found myself the original version of this movie remake which is called [REC] and man, it was / is still one of the best horror movies i've ever watched in years. Plus, i didn't even know that there was going to be an English remake coming out so it really took me by surprise when i saw this poster being displayed at the cineplex. It was only when i saw the trailer , it clicked that this was going to be the remake of the Spanish one. The best part of this English remake is that they literally narrowed down all the horror details from the Spanish version, re-enact the scenes and added more gory / scary stuffs into this one. Of course the problem for me was that i've watched and loved the Spanish version so i kinda knew where the scary part would be. Then again, all of that can be compensated by just enjoying Jennifer Carpenter'

Improv Everywhere

Man...i just love these people doing random stuffs at random time. Talk about giving motivation and inspiration to the young ones eh? Hehe. In Him

Can we? Can you? Can I? Can? Can!?

Past week have been filled with the word elections, Obama, McCain and more Obamas. Even this week's episode of South Park was about the Obama and McCain elections...of course with a weird storyline. Ah, let's see how long this whole Obama "Yes, we can!" phenomena is gonna last. Speaking of Obama, there was this news i heard about Kenyans naming their kids after him and his wife when he won the election. The most dodgy bit is there's one woman who gave birth to both a boy and a girl and naming both of them "Obama" and "Michelle". On the side note here, I'm sooooo looking forward to Christmas this year. It's going to be my first Christmas with my family and relatives in Hong Kong which i haven't seen for more than 10 years. Ah, excited excited! With my family back in Hong Kong then... I can't really remember much about my childhood there other than this little round cake thingy that they sell by the side of the street. My aunt r

Hotel 626...

2 more months and it'll be a brand new year...yet again! Thankful to be alive, thankful to live through another year and thankful that Christmas is coming! I'm looking forward to the upcoming next 2 months as i'll be doing a lot of travelling after i'm done with my job. Woohoo! Found out this interesting online game last night. Anyone ever played Hotel 626 before? If you love games like Resident Evil or Fatal Frame, you'll enjoy that short freebie game...except for the loading part. It's a bonus for you if you also have a thing for movies like Blair Witch and Cloverfield. It'd be cool if in the future, games will be in real life format instead of animation. Speaking of Blair Witch and Cloverfield, i am sooooo looking forward to this movie coming out this month. *shrieks* Let's see if it's going to be better than the original Spanish version [REC] . I mean come on, it's the Exorcist woman acting. She's freaky when she make her psycho scream

The Coffin

Synopsis of the movie... "Inspired by a true Thai ritual of lying in coffins to cheat death and get rid of bad luck, The Coffin is a spine-chilling supernatural thriller about a man and a woman who are confronted by a series of paranormal and terrifying incidents after going through the bizarre ritual. Thrilling, mysterious and ultimately moving, this new film from the award-winning director of Beautiful Boxer is also about the beauty of life and death, living and dying. Starring Karen Mok (So Close), Ananda Everingham (Shutter), Andrew Lin (The Heavenly Kings) and Napakapa Nakpasit (Art of Devil 2)." My verdict? Save your money! Go watch Highschool Musical 3 (not that i've watched any of it yet...don't think i will but i still think the money would be more worth spending on that show as to this) or something else that's showing in the cinema. Probably it's exciting for Thais to see Karen Mok's appearance in their local cinema screens but to compare thi

Coz breaking up is hard to do...

Recognize anyone of them? Hehe. In Him

Grab a coin and 2 forks...

Remember this toy? Here's a "remix" version. Same principal, different concept :) In Him

I hate meetings

Meetings are held just to waste your time but yet at the same time, make you feel as though you've accomplished something when all you did was talk and talk and talk for a long long time without any actions being followed up after that. At least, that's what i'll define our local government meetings . Yesterday, i had to attend a last minute 'compulsory' meeting on my company's behalf after the whole speed boat crashes into a vessel incident on Sunday . By the way when i say last minute, it's like they fax a memo over to you saying there's a compulsory meeting at 2 pm on the day itself. That's how last minute it is. But that's not the frustrating part of it. Before i go on, first let me tell you why we're involved. If you've read this report, you'll see the report saying that it (the speed boat) hit a floating vessel. When it comes to floating vessel, it'll involves us i.e. those who works in the quarry business because we hav

Think about what you can store with this...

The other day, i was just asking good ol' Timmy about investing in a 500 GB hard disk which i happened to come across when Sarah wanted to get one before she left for UK. I was quite keen on getting one already until just now, when i saw Bit Computer selling a 1TB hard disk. What was that? Oh how big is 1 T u B erculosis ? *coughs coughs* (lame! lame! i know, i know!) It's freakin' 1000 GB!! Gone are those days where almost each gig costs you an average of $10.00 . Ah dang, if only i haven't deleted all my series which i downloaded ages ago. T_______T In Him

Butterfly Lovers - Wu Chun fever anyone?

Wu Chun Returns Home To Promote ‘Butterfly Lovers’ By James Kon Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei's home-grown movie star, Wu Chun , will be returning home with his costar of 'Butterfly Lovers', Charlene Choi tomorrow to promote the movie here. Wu Chun will be catching a flight from Singapore to Brunei via B1422 and is expected to touch down at 1.05pm while Charlene Choi will be arriving via B1636 from Hong Kong at 6.30pm. Movie-goers who have watched `Butterfly Lovers' exclusively at The Mall's Cineplex are advised to keep their ticket stubs as the entrance pass for the "Meet the Fans" session with both stars at The Empire Theatre at 8pm tomorrow. Reporters from Hong Kong TVB - the most popular station in Hong Kong - Ming Bao Daily and hundreds of fans from Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong will also be flying in to Brunei to attend the event. The organisers and sponsors for the promotion are Greencity Concept Sdn Bhd, Brunei Tourism, Royal Brunei Airlines

Ano Bayan!?!

Anyone ever been in a situation where you just simply don't know how to give a proper reaction? Picture this. You're in the elevator. 2 gay dudes (you know them well enough to know that they're gay) come in and one of them pretend to bump into you in a friendly but yet weird manner while the other just laughed. Suddenly one of them stands next to you and freakin' holds your hand... What the....? In Him

Congratulations to....

You & You on your very long & anticipated engagement! I love you two!! And because i love the both of you that much even though you guys are now officially engaged, that doesn't mean i'll stop being the lightbulb. Yes, i shall always be the lightbulb in between...FOREVER! Muahahahahaha! F-O-R-E-V-E-R! ! Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Hehe. On a serious note, my heart is just filled with joy knowing that the both of you are going to start on a new journey very very soon. I can't wait for the church to publish the bans of marriage between you two. *shrieks* In Him

Moving on...

Handing this over to my boss is definitely one of the hardest thing i could have ever done. After months of consideration, prayers, advices and more prayers by God's guidance, He have finally given me the strength and courage to give this to my employer who have well taken care of me for the past 3 years. I know it's only been 3 years for me in the quarry but handing this simple letter over to him was really hard because this whole quarry business have somewhat been in my family's history for the past 20 years? All i remember is when growing up, there's always stones and rocks involved somehow. I don't know what's so interesting about them but dad sure knows his rocks and stones very well. Honestly, part of me feel really really really horrible for doing what i've done and that i've somewhat let my dad down. But then again, will i be able to to go on doing what i've done another next 5 years? 10 years? I probably can but will i be happy? No. Will i

With Everything...

" Break down our pride And all the walls we've built up inside Our earthly crowns and all our desires We lay at Your feet " 2 more days! God i need Your strength and courage... In Him

Latest melamine discovery....

In Him

The Talur...

I just find this pretty... weird . Weird in a sense that someone would actually build up a hype in finding out 'what that place is going to be' and thus, calling it..." THE EGG ". But being brought up in a country that lacks a lot of entertainment, i don't think we've got much to do either other than wait for that certain day of the month for THE pay, queue for the next 2 hours at ATMs / banks then flock all available shopping malls (only The Mall and Hua Ho malls to be precise) and chill for the next 20 plus working days waiting for the next pay to come out again. So yes, i'm not surprise that there are people actually going around, allowing their imagination to run sooo wild that they've decided to build up hypes (to the extend of alien talks and hairs!?) i'm sure by the end of the day, once whatever is up and done, when those ugly big white planks covering that section of our "prestigious" mall comes down, the forecast of reactions

Night out at Charmy's...

Mom came back from Hong Kong on Saturday on a last minute notice so both my sisters and I thought it'd be nice to bring her out for dinner with Drey's parents. I was craving for Nadj's cheap brilliant Indian cuisine that night but much to my disappointment, they were closed for renovation so we ended up dining at Kaizen Sushi. After dinner, Aunty Doreen suggested we go for dessert at a new place in Gadong that everyone's talking about... The place is...very blue. Blue lights eveywhere, freezing cold, lots of young people (not that i'm any older) and here we are, one big family... 'partying' . Haha. I did enjoy spending time not only with my family but with Drey's parents too. And i'm surprise that mom didn't complain about how dim the lights were or how painful her eyes were cause of the lights. I even purposely drove a *wee* bit faster when bringing her out for dinner and she just sat and chill in the car. Usually she'll do the typical &qu

At least we're getting....somewhere?

This is what drivers around the world, well at least in most part of the world are using at the moment to get around places in their country.I think they call those a 'Car GPS' system or something like that. It'll point you out the direction of how to get to your destination, how far you're away from it, the routes available for you to take and so on. I would say it's pretty handy-dandy for drivers. If not mistaken, some of them even have personal names where they'll greet you the very moment you turn them on (no pun intended) , talk to you in their super hot technology voice and tell you which route to take and all those nonsense la. It's about time we, too follow the footsteps of these technology cultures going on around the world so we won't get too 'ketinggalan zaman' with other countries. Lo' and behold, Brunei's very first Car GPS system... Oh yea . Unlike other countries that's selling their version for like hundreds of dolla

7 years ago...

11.09.2001 In Him

Animal Shelter Brunei

Did you know that you can adopt your own pets through Animal Shelter Brunei at no cost? They'll even help you sterilize the animal if you plan to get one! There's quite a number of adorable puppies, dogs, cats and kittens available so if you need a companion, do check them out. I've also made a simple thumbnail to link to their simple adoption centre website to create awareness for this small community of people dedicating their time to save those strays from being runover, poison and killed. Feel free to use it on your blog / sites and let your friends know. Please say NO TO ANIMAL CRUELTY! If we just give a little bit more support to small community like this, i'm sure it'll make big differences in the future. Hey, who knows we might even have our own local SPCA in the future? In Him

Leaving the city of Regret

I had not really planned on taking a trip this time of year, and yet I found myself packing rather hurriedly. This trip was going to be unpleasant and I knew in advance that no real good would come out of it. I'm talking about my annual 'Guilt Trip'. I got tickets to fly there on WISH I HAD airlines. It was an extremely short flight. I got my baggage, which i could not check. I chose to carry it myself all the way. It was weighted down with a thousand memories of what might have been. No one greeted me as I entered the terminal to the Regret City International Airport. I say international because people from all over the world would come to this dismal town. As I checked into the Last Resort Hotel, I noticed that they would be hosting this year's most important event, the Annual Pity Party. I wasn't going to miss that great social occasion. Many of the town's leading citizens would be there. First, there would be the Done family - you know, Should Have Done, Wou

P.S I love....Keropok

I just finished watching it. I know i'm like soooo yesterday but i tend to have 'season' when watching these type of movies.. ...and I liked it! :P Oh, and you guys should watch Grace is Gone starring John Cusack . A very simple movie but for some reason, it's just...nice. (: In Him

Kids and their trucks...

Oh bloody...

Dearest mummy and bro, While you are away, this is what's been going on at home... The 'Oh Bloody !' song just finished, now the current song outside is UPTOWN GIRL . Hmm... In Him


"can·cer" a. a malignant and invasive growth or tumor, esp. one originating in epithelium, tending to recur after excision and to metastasize to other sites. b. any disease characterized by such growths. 2. any evil condition or thing that spreads destructively; blight. "re-lapse" 1. to fall or slip back into a former state, practice, etc.: to relapse into silence. 2. to fall back into illness after convalescence or apparent recovery. 3. to fall back into vice, wrongdoing, or error; backslide: to relapse into heresy. –noun 4. an act or instance of relapsing. 5. a return of a disease or illness after partial recovery from it. "Psalms 103:1-5" "Bless the Lord, O my soul,and all that is within me, bless his holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases , who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with goodso that


"The people around you are the ones who influence you the most..." Now i get it . In Him

It's like déjà-vu all over again!

Sigh. My brother just left for Hong Kong today as he felt some hard lump growing and it's been hurting for quite sometime. I'm tired. In Him

Dream big!

Despite not being a sports fanatic, i'm still quite irritated whenever i come across articles and posts touching on my country's absence from the Olympics 2008 . I mean right now i don't want to care about whatever reasons our Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports comes up with anymore but i'm more annoyed with the fact that after this whole big messed up issue, i just realized that we, Bruneians do not dream big. Why? Because i know if there were athletes that have dreamt big enough of representing this country in the Olympics, there's bound to be more than 2 athletes that's 'qualified' to participate in the first place. Like really, out of the whole population of 400,000 people in Brunei, only 2 athletes are 'fit' to participate internationally initially but few days prior to the biggest sporting event in the whole world, our Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports suddenly say they have not met the minimum required standards set to compe

Mana kita?

We're FAMOUS!! Man, i love my country's way of making itself to the news. "Bah, nanti tah ku booking kita taraabang ke Cina...nanti tah...jom pergi minum dulu lah...mana Jing Chew? C.A Mohammad?" Today's headlines... A few reasons i can think of why the dude can't reach our team... Maybe...just maybe he got the wrong country code. Team's already midway through flight. Miscommunication? I mean honestly, some of our English are quite hard to understand... Team decide to save a bit of budget and take Air Asia and transit here and there Nada kredit... Whatever it was, i sure hope our Olympics committee representatives have a very good explanation regarding this... In Him

Properity, prosperity, prosperity!

How can i miss this one in a lifetime opportunity to not blog at all? Haha. Maybe my cyber-luck will change after this post? :P Happy Prosperity Birthday to Med-Nick ! Have fun watching the opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympics everyone! (P/S: Imagine how it's like if suddenly Brunei got blackout at 8.00 pm! Spoiler eh?) In Him

Ronald "J.P" Cheng

Meet little Ron...probably few weeks old after he was born. Calculation: Cost of camera then: BND$100? Cost of Kodak film: BND$10.00 Cost to develop film: BND $0.30 Total 'cost' for the above picture: $110.30 Now assuming that the camera was 2 years we depreciate that. Obviously the cost would be less than the above mention amount. Ok? Ok! Fast forward..bla bla bla! Estimated value today : $0.00 -_-" "In the case of the Jolie-Pitt twins, an unsourced report claimed the worldwide rights sold for $14 million , more than three times the rumored $4.1 million deal for Shiloh's baby photos in 2006. People has said that the rumored numbers for both deals, as well as those for other famous babies that have adorned its pages, are excessive. But it has declined to elaborate. " -Yahoo! News Like seriously man, before these 2 babies can even say the word "Gu!" , they're already worth million of dollars...! Like man! I don't get what's the

Happy Birthday to....

Bra-dor Step-hand! (in Pinoy accent) Thanks for everything. Love you loads, bro. In Him

An introduction...

Conversation #1. Me: Hello. My name is Ronald and i come from a little country called Brunei. X: Brunei? Where's that? Me: Southeast Asia, Borneo Island. X: Borneo Island? Me: Uh..near Sabah and Sarawak. X: That's Malaysia right? Me: Yeah we're like on the same island. X: Hmm... Me: Also on the same island with Kalimantan, Indonesia. X: Wait, so you guys are like in between Malaysia and Indonesia? Me: Can say lah... X: Don't know where.. Me: ... Conversation #2. Me: Hello. My name is Ronald and i come from a little country called Brunei. X: Brunei? Me: *sigh* X: Sounds like someplace i've heard of. Me: It's quite near to Sabah & Sarawak. X: Oh...Singapore right? Me: ... Conversation #3. Me: Hello. My name is Ronald and i come from a little country called Brunei. X: Oooh! Brunei!! Your Sultan is the richest man in the world right? Me: Not now lah...few years ago. He is still one of the richest man. X: Ah alright, alright. Then y

The Last Lecture

Just took a short extract from the book i've been reading cause i find this little advice given by the author, Randy Pausch (who shockingly just passed away few minutes ago just as i scanned this page for this post, after battling the same cancer like my dad for the past 1 1/2 year) really meaningful. In terms of relativity, if you take the whole B-G-R issue out of the context and put the above quote just generally on people, i think you'd be able to see how a person's character really is. But sticking to what's being mentioned, touching on the whole B-G-R thing, a good advice for the boys and girls...ignore all the sweet talks and start observing. "It is not the things we do in life we regret on the deathbed, it's the things we do not. Find your passion and follow it." - Randy Pausch on Good Morning America : May 19,2008 Rest well Mr. Pausch. In Him

Of TVs and Players...

Ron is so smart. Few months ago, he bought a HD TV with a home theatre system that supposedly can play movies that give a HD quality since it has a HDMI output and also after being sweet talked by the salesman who bragged sooo much about the player / tv . So, ever since he had those 2 gadgets, he's been upgrading his movies from Unitek selections to a much more better quality produced movies from the Orange DVD shop in Gadong. Then one fine day, someone passed a comment saying the following; "You know it's quite a waste to get such a good system but not being able to experience real HD quality movies? Not DVD 9 but real HD-HD!! You should start investing in some REAL HD quality dvds lah and see the real difference!" So after a while, he thought to himself and agreed...why not try get maybe 1 or 2 HD movies from Amazon . That he did and in anticipation, he waited 2 weeks for the arrival of the dvds. After 2 excruciating weeks of waiting, the dvds arrived. Oh, the j

Where next, big daddy G?

Narrowing it down to 2 potential places for now. It's either; "Dis guy si beh powderful sia. Hoh seh liao lah! Damn steady wan la..." or going back to; "Apeee ni? You tak cinta I sudah ke?" although it's always cool if God decides to open the door for me to; "G'day mate!" with some of my friends there or better still, live my dream of being able to hear the people say; "Tuition classes" naturally and have breakfast / lunch and dinner of Subways for the first week if i do eventually set a foot there. Hehe. But regardless of where God puts me, i'm just thankful and super duper excited for what He has in store. This, i definitely can't wait. In Him


Just need some suggestion / recommendation of colleges / universities that offer Mass Communication courses. A decent, not so expensive college / uni and a recognizable cert perhaps? Anyone?? In Him

Jiang hua yu....

Da jia hao!! Hui jie de you yi dien 'surprise' mah wo zai jiang hua yi? Jing tien wo hen xiang yao jiang hua yi. Sui rang wo de hua yi hen ban tong sui, wo hai sze jie de ru guo wo zai yung wo de lan hua yi 'blog' zai ze li, gan jue you yi dien hen... 'satzzz' ying wei wo dao jing tien hai mei you kan guo bie ren yung wo zi zong ban tong sui de hua yi zai 'blog' . Ke shi ne, hao ke si lor ying wei nah xie mei yi chi du wo zhi ge blog zi shi hui kan ing wen. Hai you ke neng hui you yi-niang-ge hai shi hui du chu lai wo zai 'blog' she me. You mah? Hmm...nah ru guo wo zai zhe li yao suo bie ren de huai hua, hui du chu lai wo zai pin de ban tong sui yin peng you, ni hui bu hui kaypoh chi jiang chu lai mah? Wo kan zui hao hai bu yao bah. Hao bu ru, wo men sze xia suo yi niang ju chu hua. Hehe. Na xie peng you hui du zhi ge, ni men zun bei le ma? Lai wo men yi chi suo yi ge chu hua xian... Piku tong!!! Hahahahahaahah. Zen wu liau... Wo yao xie ren