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Ironic is...

Working at  Rockport for the past five months have taught me a lot of things about footwear and feet. For example, many people normally have one foot bigger than the other. I've heard this before so it didn't come across as a huge surprise but it is fun to see people some of my customers putting on new pair of shoes and saying that one side of their shoe is tighter or looser than the other. Whenever that happens, i would normally reply with the standard quote "Oh well, everyone gets that one foot bigger than the other syndrome" and smile away. The only time that comment messed me up was when one of my customer puts on a totally different size shoe and saying that one side felt extremely tight that the other. Without checking, i just used my default quote hoping to put the matter to rest. Few minutes later, we both realized he's got a size 10 on one side and a size 8 on the other which made me felt really stupid. Another thing i've learnt from working is w

There goes my $20k for the year!

I'm officially done with uni for the year! Not for good but just for my second year. Despite repeating this every year, i really think this year went by so quickly. Looking back at all the papers that i sat since the start of the year, i honestly have no idea how i got through but i'm glad i did and hopefully i'll be able to carry the same attitude until i finish uni for good. That's me trying to convince myself that i did put my fees to good use for the year. Results are gonna be out in a week's time and i personally think i did relatively okay for the final exams other than my Public Relations paper which was a bit challenging. What makes it worse is the fact that i chose Public Relations as my first option that i wanted to major at the start of the year but judging on how my assignment and exams went, i don't think i'll be able to make it in. Anyway, we'll just see how my results turn out and let the uni decides. As for now, i'm sooo happy that