Brand New Year

So officially, this is going to be my first post in 2006. Happy New Year to all of you despite being 3 days late.

I've been having short conversations with a few of my classmates who are back in their hometown earlier on. Most of them come to me with these random questions and replies..

Friend: Hey! Happy New Year...!
Me: Yeah, you too...
Friend: So...where are you now?
Me: Err...home?
Friend: Home as in Brunei home or..?
Me: Nolah, still in PJ...hehe
Friend: HAR!? What are you still doing there? Why don't go back?
Me: Dunno also..
Friend: Oic

Come to think about it, why am i still here when i can be back in Brunei now? Sometimes i don't quite get myself either. Haha. Been slacking around lately. Celebrated Christmas, New Year and my housemate's birthday in Redbox. How sad is that? The last trip was horrible though. I went in a healthy person and came out instantly sick. I think their microphones are infected with some funky virus...right now my nose is blocked and i'm having a really terrible sorethroat.

I haven't got my haircut since the last incident that happened. So right now, i'm still thinking should i get one before i go back? Obviously not the same place but i'll probably risk my hair in some other saloons.

On a sadder note, my fabulous fantastic wonderful college have not refunded my caution fees. Funny how their procedures can be. When it comes to accepting payment, they can really process everything in a heartbeat but when it comes to refunding, you'll probably have to wait till 2010.

I have finally watched King Kong! I was planning to catch it in the cinema but since most of my friends have watched it, i just ended up downloading it. Yes, i am that cheap.'s a great movie that made me shed tears in the end upon seeing the great beast drew it's last breath. Highly recommended to all!

In Him


mish said…
You are still here because you tak sampai hati leave me. Bwahahahaha. Ass la i know XD no la, u here so long d mar, surely got some attachments bah. Heh. Oh well, its nice knowing you and Happy New Year too ;] Man, I lack stuff in commenting. Anyway, I'm sick too X_X bleh. blocked nose, blocked ear, blocked throat XD and kingkong? i watched it twice, lmao. And the gap was just a week. Mehehe. K la, thats it for now i guess ;] take care!

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