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I'm a third generation Dusun...sort of?

Recently, i had to come up with writing a non-fiction script for my TV writing class assignment. The topic we were given was to write up an interesting story of someone over 60 years old from my family or someone of that generation. So i decided to write up a story on my family specifically my mom's side as i realised now how unique her culture is. As much as i dreaded this TV writing assignment, during the process of doing this i got my sister back home to dig up old family pictures of both my mom and my dad and upon looking at the picture of my mom's family, it hit a soft spot inside of me seeing how she looked like when she was younger. The part that i love the most about my mom's family portrait was my grandparents. Within a glance of the picture itself, one can easily sense that there is a strong cultural history behind this image. My late grandparents with my mom and her siblings.  If you didn't know, my grandmother from my mom's side is a Dusun . Dusu

Like father, like son...

This is my dad back in 1980, seven years before i emerge victorious in securing the first place for my mother's egg. Dad, 1980. And this is me, last year being stupid at a youth camp. Me, 2010.  I think i know who's responsible for my sense in hairstyle. :)

My recommended workout songs...

Whenever i do my workout, be it gym or running, i NEED music. Without music, i feel like doing any form of workout or exercise is 10x harder. No wait, working out itself is already 10x harder for me so without music, maybe it should be 100000000000x harder. Having said that, i always set aside a playlist in my iTunes for my workout session. Even within that playlist itself, i realized that there are certain genres that gives me the extra boost when i'm running while when i'm doing a bit of weight lifting, i enjoy another different type of genre. Now allow me to share a few of my personal favorite tracks with you. Hopefully some of these selections might be the solution to give you that extra boost whenever you're doing your workout. Most of the recommendations are based on either the tempo of the track or the crazy beat the song has that gets my adrenaline pumping. The ones with a (*) are my current overplayed favorite. 1. Limp Bizkit - Take A Look Around 2. Marilyn

Who is Rebecca Black?

In case you've been internet deprived for the past week and have no clue why everyone is so excited about Friday all of a sudden, you probably didn't get the invitation to a fun fun fun party that was at Rebecca Black's place. Who's Rebecca Black you ask? Be warned: You will hate yourself after watching this clip... Yeah, Justin Bieber is so yesterday. Friday is the new tomorrow. What's next? Saturday , of course!

Paranoia leeching

I remembered when i first arrived in New Zealand, i was disappointed to find out that unlike places like Singapore, Malaysia or even back home in Brunei, there's no such thing as free wifi areas or "hotspots" around here. Even if there are, you're probably entitled up to 50mb worth of surfing or something like that. That's when i learnt of 'capped'  internet connection here. You purchase a certain amount worth of data to surf online where in the event of you exceeding the amount you purchased, you will have to pay some extra fees or your speed will slow down ridiculously and the worse case scenario, you won't have access to the internet. Sure the speed is pretty fast here but it's limited. Unlike our most loved eSpeed back home, although the connection is ridiculously slow, we've got abundant supply. And with that, i think it's pretty obvious why people here lock their internet connection. Back home, i'm always used to seeing the name

The Guyver

Everyone knows who or what MacGyver is. I thought i knew it as well until i recently talked about old classic movies with my friend and we somehow ended up talking about MacGyver . I told him i can hardly anything much from the show but i can only remember him transforming into some funny looking super hero with blades coming out of his elbow. Then he gave me the WTF look... He said there's no such thing at all in MacGyver and wasn't exactly sure what MacGyver i was referring to or if we're watching the same thing. But me being me, i was dang sure in the back of my mind, i remembered watching a show with either the name Gyver or Guyve r in it and he definitely had some super power blades coming out of his elbow whenever he wanna attack. Thanks to Google  and Wiki , i finally found out the actual show that i've always got confused about. While the world enjoyed a show called MacGyver, i was actually watching a different show called "The Guyver" . D