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99 Balloons


My brother's eyes "shoot bird" (hokkien; pa jiao) as he would like to describe it. So bro had to do his stem cells transplant for the third time tomorrow. Initially, we were hoping it would be a one off thing but the targeted amount of stem cells count during the first transplant was only half. Doctor was aiming at 10 million cells but there was only 5 million so bro had to do another one today. After 7 tiring hours of doing another stem cells transplant, the results showed there was 4.3 million cells so doctor suggested for a final one tomorrow just to be safe that there will be enough cells to be put back into his body when he's gonna be on chemo again. Well in all honesty, my brother's really frustrated at the whole outcome because he's really feeling tired with this stem cells procedure. Then again, it's not like he have any choice because his life pretty much depends on this whole thing. It's pretty hard to go on telling him over and over again t

Good progress...

Bro's condition has been progressing well lately. He managed to get out of bed few days ago after being bedridden for almost a whole month. His left leg's thigh is still quite big but the rest of that leg seems normal already. Tomorrow bro's gonna start his first stem cell transplant. It's going to be tiring for him but with God's help, he should be able to pull through seeing that God's been pulling him through so much already. Michael Jackson's alive by the way. Had a drink with him in Kopitiam at the lobby of NUH.

Got blood?

Bro's blood count was low today. Face is looking all pale and tired. Other than feeling restless, he seemed fine. Thank you for still keeping him in your prayers. God is good.

I don't mean to be rude but...

Watch. Nate Pfeil's "The Fire"

Bro's leg

In case you guys are wondering how big exactly is big when i say my brother's leg is big. Here's some pictures of his swollen leg. So far the doctors are just using antibiotics and anti bacteria solutions to try and get rid of whatever that's infecting his legs. It is most likely going to take a week or two before deciding on what to do with him next. Do continue to pray for God's guidance to be with the doctors who's treating him and the nurses who are taking care of him. So far our family are coping fine. We're just hoping for more positive outcomes.

Bro's update

Dear all, First of all do allow me to express my feeling of gratitude and joy for all the prayers that you have made for my family during this hard time. I can truly say that God has blessed me abundantly with amazing friends that are constantly praying for my brother and my family from all over the place. Despite having to go through this tough and trial time, just by receiving all your texts, calls, messages and simple words of encouragement, it is more than enough for me to just testify that God is indeed faithful. I would like to take this opportunity to fill you guys in on what has been going on with my brother over the past few days that led me to my sudden decision of flying over here to be with him. Well for those who do not know what exactly is wrong with my brother, i shall start roughly from the start. My brother had a relapse in his condition earlier this year after undergoing a full year of treatment for cancer in Hong Kong last year. This time around, as we cannot afford