Making a difference?

After refraining myself from writing in to Borneo Bulletin for several times, i couldn't help it anymore after one particular incident that happened to me regarding Espeed. So here i was, sitting down at my office trying not to write down a book on how i really feel towards the nation's broadband provider.

Despite my 'first time' (sounds odd doesn't it?) writing in to Borneo Bulletin, it manage to get through probably hundreds of letters each day and get published on today's paper.

E-Speed Blues Continue...

WITH TelBru's new slogan, it sounded really promising that soon there would be a difference.

Aside from the refurnishing of the new building that makes a big difference, much to my disappointment, the services are still the same.

Recently, there was a promotion on the Espeed 2. After getting news from my friend that all Espeed 1 users will need to upgrade to Espeed 2, i decided to visit the news TelBru headquarters to get more information.

The person behind the counter was kind enough to assist me. She told me that currently, the upgrade of Espeed services is going on and most users around Bandar and Gadong will need to upgrade to Espeed 2 for a faster connection and eventually all Espeed 1 users in Brunei will need to upgrade their services. I was also advised to upgrade mine fast since it was the promotion period. I will only need to pay $98 whereas after the promotion; i may have to pay more.

Seeing that it's the last day of the promotion, i had to rush from Telbru to Jerudong to get my proper documents.

I reached back later in the afternoon with all the documents needed to upgrade my service.

I did a final check with the person that assisted me before and she asked me to queue up at the counter to hand in my form. As usual, i had to play the waiting game for quite a while. When it was my turn, I submitted the documents to the staff on duty. She went through the documents and consulted to supervisor. He came and informed me that this promotion was actually for the new Espeed2 subscribers. I failed after trying to explain to him the information that I had gotten earlier. I left disappointed for having to drive back and forth for practically nothing.

What is actually going on with Terlbru? I understand that they are really trying hard to upgrade their services but are the going about it the right way?

As we pay $98 a month for a slow connection, at least they should provide us with better customer service. I strongly advise Telbru to check our neighbouring countries' broadband services out to learn more from them.


(Borneo Bulletin opinion section May 24th issue)

Oh by the way, the title that i chose wasn't really "E Speed blues continues..." I sort of indirectly insulted their slogan. Haha. Just by adding a [?] makes a big difference sometimes. (:

Plus, those words (in the contents) weren't even 100% written by me. Some great editor decided it's wise of he/she to edit around using "ayat songsang" and make my whole complain sound a bit weird. But nevertheless, it's still being published and i'm definitely looking forward for a response from TelBru. Speaking of TelBru, i received a bill from them asking me to pay for something. It definitely couldn't be my Espeed since i'm always paying the bill promptly but after searching for other bills that matched the account number, i found out that it was a bill for my old pager.

Yes! A freakin' pager!! Like who on earth would use a pager now? My mom went and disconnect the service like 5 years ago? And yet, this bill just keeps coming back every year.

Now that really made a difference!

The next time some company pisses you off, don't bother saying "HEY! I'M A CUSTOMER AND I'M RIGHT! I WANNA SPEAK WITH YOUR MANAGER!" I'd better be off saying..."I COMPLAIN YOU TO THE NEWSPAPER AH!" Haha!

Next target, a local bank that provides "world class" service.

In Him

(P/S: By the way, my friend working in Espeed told me that they will provide new modems for all Espeed user when it's time to upgrade to Espeed 2. Sheesh...)


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