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Have you seen my childhood?

MISSING!! TWO KIDS AGED 6 YEARS OLD AND 7 YEARS OLD. LAST SEEN: 13 YEARS AGO.. This is a picture of me and a really really close friend of mine when I was 6 years old and she was 7 years old. I've always hated the fact that she's always a few months older than me because everytime when we have to do something together, she will always say "I do first coz i'm older than you.." I've also always hated the fact that my parents love to compare her with me cause she's always better than me. Back then, she always have her way of torturing me. Each time i went over to her place for a visit, or she comes over to mine, i will always try my best to put up with her, not to make her angry, not to say anything mean or else i know i'll end up getting small little bruises over my arms. Her 'speciality' was in pinching. Really really painful pinches that burn your delicate skin. Our mothers were really close and they still are. We've had our little talks

3 years ago & 3 years later...

3 years ago, this is how we look like. 3 years ago, the term 'stress' usually refers to either exams or girls. 3 years ago, there was practically nothing much to worry about. Dreaded going to school early in the morning, skipped remedial classes, stayed back most of the time just to pay a visit to Yayasan with a group of friends. Ahh, the days of laughter and sitting on the boat to Yayasan. I'm sure students who studied in St' Andrews sure missed those days. These people were my classmates back in highschool. Despite being in the art stream and being labelled as the 'class without hope', we didn't really care. Our class teacher and a handful of other teachers who really knew us always gave us encouragement. I still remembered Ms. Chong who had been our class teacher for 2 years, who knew most of us inside out told us.. "By the end of the day, all of you in this class will be the ones surviving in the future because all of you are the happy-go-lucky peo

Double Dangerous Bend...what?

Let's say this is a million dollar question. Give the correct answer to the sign board. A. Many Dangerous Bend B. Double Bend left to right C. Dangerous Bend Hint: The actual answer is Double Dangerous Bend . So i failed my law exam because of that question. Ironic isn't it? I still don't understand why is there a need to twist and turn the answer for signboards. A signboard will always be a signboard. A U-Turn board will forever be known as a U-Turn board. Not like it'll suddenly spring to life, run up to the Land Transport Department and yell.. "Hey @#$! I've been named U-Turn for almost 30 years. Don't you know that U-Turn doesn't sound hip anymore!? I demand my name to be changed to Left to Right upside down turn board!" Brunei and their signboards. Oh, i'm still trying to spot that darn signboard on the road now. So far, there's no Double Bend left to right board on the road. I'd be more happy to get down from the car and take a p