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Home snack sick...

Anyone here ever come across the saying "You'll never know what you have till you lose it" ? It may come in form of relationships, families, friends, things and for me right now, food. The one thing that i tend to find myself doing is spending money food i can get back home for half the price of which i'm spending here. I'm not talking about the usual nasi lemak or fried kueh teow food but it's more of the little stuffs that you don't realise you miss till you actually see it. The last time, i spent $3 on a pack of biscuits which i can probably get it for a few cents back home. What biscuits you ask? The biscuits that will definitely get you addicted when you start munching on just one. Ok since i can't find the pictures online, i might as well just draw them. I'm sure those who used to have them when they were kids would know which biscuits i'm talking about. Jewel biscuits or something like that. Noobs would probably think i drew some col