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He's coming!

It's quite a hectic week for me lately. College started 2 weeks ago. Assignments already piling up. Subjects that make no sense to me are going on...what a comeback eh? I've been elected as a class representative for my batch. Being a class representative isn't cool at all. You have to be a teacher's pet. You ARE are teacher's pet. She asks you to do one, you have to do one. Hopefully this will pull up my professional attitude marks for my final semester. My college recently started at 3+0 degree programme for the School of Hospitality Tourism and Culinary Arts. I'm still thinking hard on whether should I continue with my degree after completing diploma OR to change course and start fresh. It's really hard to make this decision really... On a brighter note, guess who's coming to Malaysia this September? Yeaps. He's scheduled to make an appearance in Malaysia somewhere in early September. Can't believe my dreams are actually coming true. What

My prayers are with you..

To the victims of the London bombings that took place recently... Deepest condolences to those who lost their loved ones. Be strong for the Lord will be with you at all times. HE will strike down and bring justice to the ones that carried out this cruel act.


So, the time have finally come for us, KDU Trainees to walk freely. 6 months of wait, let me rephrase that again... 6 months of bloody idiotic training is finally over and done with! And yes, most of my friends' nick in MSN Messenger are like "Freedom", "Free", etc. Freedom never tasted so sweet before. So what did i do after June 26th? I went all the way to Park Royal in KL to meet up with my parents who flew in. It's been a hectic week really. A lot of ups and downs within these 5 days. Earlier on, it was suppose to be my mom who's suppose to fly in to spend the week of my holidays with me. Later i found out that my dad, last minute decided to fly in too to do some medical checkup. Didn't sound serious to me cause usually it's just a normal routine of going for checkups and stuff like that but the moment they arrived, my dad looked really worried. He didn't smile, didn't talk much, just kept things to himself. My mom t