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Your friends at AUSTRALIA!

My patience have literally been put to the test over the past few months. Neither by work nor family or friends but rather by WORD (seriously, i wouldn't recommend you ordering anything from there especially if you're from Brunei) I've ordered a couple of Planetshakers CDs and DVDs through the website say around June 29th and until now, i have not received any single thing. There's still this little teeny hope inside of me that tells me that it might come some day but it was only until 2 days ago i have assumed that's it's really missing (though i really hope it's not !!) . While waiting for the cds and dvds, Planetshakers released another 2 new albums which is sort of like their compilation of their 'greatest' hits praise and worship anthems which i ordered it off their official webstore (it's finally open btw, after "coming soon" for a few years) . But then, i only found out that their store is proudly sponsored by WORD which basi

Selamat Hari Raya!

I like Raya because... 1. I get to meet up with my old friends (though i'm not sure about this year..) 2. Money money money!! 3. The oh-so-delicious rendangs.. 4. You can experience REAL peace on the first day of Raya. 5. Holidays for everyone! I dislike Raya because... 1. Prior to this festival, the whole nation finally comes out of their shell and flock every single fuel station / supermarkets / ATMs for preparation. 2. Good food = Bad body shape 3. The whole work process in the government sector literally slow down for a week or so until they're out of the holiday mood. 4. Fireworks. They tend to bug me a lot. 5. They keep showing the annoying AF people on TV singing the same old Hari Raya songs a million + gazillion times! These are just my personal opinions but nonetheless, to all my friends celebrating this glorious ocassion, allow me to wish you a "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!" (though i really don't quite know till now what Batin m

Lesen License blues...

Click on the picture and try to tell me what's written on it. Bet you that no matter how much you squinch your eyes, you can't make a word out of it eh? I'm sure most of Brunei's citizen have manage to come across this writing. Not the handwriting of Sultan lah, but rather the "Pegawai Melesen" of Brunei Darussalam. Yes, that mean dude sitting in his room pressing his number button a gazillion times when calling for people in queue! Seriously, he have some issue with that button of his. Plus, that was what i've been trying to do for 40 minutes in the Land Transport Department while waiting for my number to be called. The chairs that they made us sit on just reminded me of the time where i was taking that cursed test...except this time, i'm not re-sitting a test but rather, uh re-applying replacing my driving license That is was first license. Name spelt with an 'O'. What happened to it? Well apparently, Ronald-O's license was in his wa

World Trade Center, director's cut...?

Few nights ago, me and a couple of my friends decided to watch World Trade Center in one of our nation's most prestigous cinema. Of course, there was so much extra effects to add on to the movie that kinda really spiced the whole "climax" that i'm just dying to share this with you guys.. Just as the lights start to dim...right after the trailer, there was rather a strange scent coming from somewhere i'm not really sure. Obviously, that scent couldn't be the smell of the World Trade Center or Nicholas Cage's armpits but if i'm not wrong, it was definitely the smell of... Mind you, the smell of the crackers was pretty much filling up the whole section where i was sitting and this is the type of crackers where the smell really irritates you a lot if YOU are NOT the one eating it...some more it's not the original flavor but it's the tomato flavor! If that wasn't good enough, they had to chew the crackers so hard to inform everyone that the

Mo sut lai...

Just thought of letting you guys know that if you have any interests in Magic (magic as in Criss Angel or David Blaine magic, not Harry Potter magic), do let me know because i have a small little shop that you might want to drop by for a visit. Yes, it's in Brunei by the way! :P By the way, anyone here have any friends/relatives residing in the States? I'm just dying to get my hands on these two beanies. Unfortunately, that online store only ship to customers staying in the States. So tired of trying to find caps to fit my oversized head. In Him

Slowing down...

Have you ever had this feeling where you feel like there's just so much things to do but yet, there's so little time? But if you really think about these 'things' that seems to be so important, it's not really that important at all. It's just that you're doing it to pass time that it's finally becoming to be 'important' to you. And so, the word 'important' just begin to lose it's meaning. Ironically, after weeks of being so busy, today Rev. Johnny was teaching on "Decision Making" where there was one part he gave an example of a workaholic that suddenly just passed out because of over-working. It's not wrong to work your arse off but then, it's time like these where God just allow these to happen and ask you to just slow down and take time out. I've been pretty much caught up with so many things, that honestly, i don't even know why i'm pushing myself. By the end of the day, i feel really exhausted to th