3 years ago & 3 years later...

3 years ago, this is how we look like. 3 years ago, the term 'stress' usually refers to either exams or girls. 3 years ago, there was practically nothing much to worry about. Dreaded going to school early in the morning, skipped remedial classes, stayed back most of the time just to pay a visit to Yayasan with a group of friends. Ahh, the days of laughter and sitting on the boat to Yayasan. I'm sure students who studied in St' Andrews sure missed those days.

These people were my classmates back in highschool. Despite being in the art stream and being labelled as the 'class without hope', we didn't really care. Our class teacher and a handful of other teachers who really knew us always gave us encouragement. I still remembered Ms. Chong who had been our class teacher for 2 years, who knew most of us inside out told us..

"By the end of the day, all of you in this class will be the ones surviving in the future because all of you are the happy-go-lucky people..."

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I admit, we weren't at all that great in our studies nor do we score straight A's in our exams but i can proudly say that during the year of 2003, among our batch of students, Secondary 5cs had one thing that the other classes didn't have i.e we shared a really strong bond with each other. The friendship we had with one another were as tough as steel rods. Despite not seeing one another for more than 3 years, we can just easily pick things up we left behind 3 years ago and continued laughing together.

And this is us, 3 years later. Though not all manage to make it, i'm sure they had their reasons. These are the people that can make you laugh even though you just had the worst day of your life. The night of 11th February brings back a lot of memories from highschool. The laughters, the jokes, the flirting, etc.

Although most of us have matured in our ways, whenever we are reunited, we'll practically act like we're back in highschool. The never ending chant of "Hung Hing, Cho Dai Dee..." was the highlight for me. Almost pee'd my pants laughing even though it doesn't make sense at all. Blame it on the class joker.

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This is the reason that made me miss Brunei so much during my time in KL. You can put me in Iraq or Afghanistan, but as long as i'm with these people, it's all worth while. I'll definitely look forward to another reunion 10 years down the road.

In Him


Jr said…
Was matt that skinny??? O.O
kangta164 said…
Haha..you think it'll be able to qualify for Ripley's Believe or Not? LOL!
Jr said…
I THINK SO EY! haha..
fishtail said…
Friendships are forever!

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