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Hey guys, remember this magic shop of mine ? It's moving to The Mall now. It will be opening this Saturday, 20th January 2007. There won't be any grand opening which means no lion dance, no ribbon cutting whatsoever...just the opening of gate. I'm not that Chinese to do such thing. Hahaha! So if you happen to be around The Mall, do drop by for a short visit. It's located on the 3rd floor, Cineplex just right opposite West Street Cafe. It's not a big shop so don't expect much but i'll try make sure it'll be interesting. In Him

Friends U Can Keep...?

Have you guys ever feel like you're no longer valuable to your friends anymore? Or probably you're only valuable when they need something from you? Or like among your circle of friends, you're the one who's always the last one to know about stuffs. Or probably when everyone in that circle of friends are busy, then it's only that time you're being asked out by one or two of the people in it. What about when you guys go out together, everyone is conversing about something that makes you clueless? Or like when one of your friends say they'll 'see you later tonight', you make time for that 'later tonight' thing but it never did happen. Or what about during those times when the world seems to crash and fall around you, you're left alone wondering where's the comfort and cheering up your friends are suppose to give you. *SIGH* Honestly, i've never felt accepted all these while. Hell yeah, people come and go showering me with hi's a

One day, just one day...

"I want to head down town!" I yelled. "It's been one of my life long dream to visit the town that i've been dreaming of a long long time and now that i'm already in this country, i need to go and visit it!" Laughing at my remarks, my cousins asked me to go ahead on my own. But i couldn't. I wasn't really familar with the area. I dare not take the train nor the public transportation fearing i would lose my way. I kept thinking to myself that this isn't a place i'm familar with at all. Play safe Ron, just play safe. Filled with much disappointment, i just went down the apartment and took a short walk. I then went to a nearby bridge and leaned out. Admiring the beauty of the city, i let out a breath and smile to myself. I've finally made it. My life long dream to step foot in this country is happening this very instant. Next country i'll stop by would be "Daeeehamingook!" i shouted and clapped my hands. But first, i'

A letter to Heaven

Dear God, c.c Jesus, Holy Spirit Hello. I'm not sure whether You've noticed all the prayers i've sent You but it's been a while since You've responded. Lord, i've been trying to understand Your will and Your way for quite sometime already but somehow it just doesn't seems to click. I still need to know...why me Lord? Why my family? Lord don't You know my heart aches each time i just take a glance at my birth father? To see him just lying motionless on the bed whenever he sleeps with his eyes and mouth opens, to see him not being able to walk on his own again, to hear his voice getting softer by the day, it really hurts me a lot. He's been sending You a lot of his prayers on his own too asking You to take him with You and remove all the torture and suffering he's going through now but You didn't do that. People say You wouldn't do such mean things because You still have plans for him. He's still am I. Lord, can You please

Hyuk hyuk hyuk...

I haven't laughed this hard for ages! If you've had a bad day, watch this. If you think you've lost of sense of humor or 'funnybone', watch this. If you think you're getting emo by the day and assumed that the world is a deep dark place, slitting your wrists is the only option to cure your disease and that everyone hates you... WATCH THIS ! But just a little warning, watch only once because that's the only dose you'll get! This is why i love humor! Ah hyuk hyuk hyuk... In Him

Never Stop

"All my hopes, all my dreams, God I lay them at your feet Cause all I want is You... All I have and all I am I surrender every part of me Cause all I want is You... Take my life, take my everything Take my heart, take every part of me God I give my heart, my life to You and I'll never stop, never stop Givin' it all to You Cause all I have is Yours, All i am, is Yours..." What a way to start off 2007! In Him