Sorry for the lack of updates. Due to the 'fabulous' service offered by Brunei's local broadband provider, Espeed, I got sick and tired of waiting for this page to load. Mind you Malaysians, our connection here is so 'fabulous' that even Streamyx can't compete with what we have here. Our connection is based on the reality side.

You see, I understand that Malaysians who subscribe to Streamyx can surf online at at constant speed whether it's morning, afternoon, night or even midnight. But for us, our internet lives are based more on our every day lives. When you wake up in the morning and go off to work, you'll usually get stuck in a jam. When you made up your mind to go for lunch with a bunch of friends during lunch hour, you'll end up in a jam. And of course, when you're off work and all set to go home, you'll also end up in a jam. And thus, our Espeed service does the same to us online. During day & night time or should I say "peak hours", our connection moves ever so slowly just like cars getting caught in the jam. Whereas, in the middle of the night, where 89% of the population are sound asleep, you connection moves just a teeny bit faster.

One thing I don't understand is, seeing that this country was once being notorious for "the land of the rich", why can't they just spend like 1% of the country's budget to improvise on technology? Trust me, if you're staying here and you read our daily newspaper, almost every week, there would be at least 1 complain on how bad the services are. I've been trying to get my letter printed on at least 1 issue of our daily newspaper but unfortunately, i cannot resist myself from using words like sucky, shitty, damned, snail, useless, etc. next to the name of our local broadband provider. Where's the speed in "E-SPEED" anyway!? You don't hear TM Net naming their broadband Flashyx or Speedyx. Internet...one of the many reasons why i missed my life in Malaysia.

By the way, you wouldn't even want me to get started on the monthly fees they charge for such connection and for their 'outstanding' customer service they provide...

In Him

*added* I forgot to enter a title for this post, and it took me well over 20 minutes to get back to this page to edit my post...*end*


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