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9/11: Lest we forget

Keeping the memories of those who were lost on that fateful day alive. 

New Zealand haka - Ka mate!

Rugby World Cup 2011 officially starts tomorrow!! Despite being here for a little more than two years now, i'm still not into the sports. But on the bright side, i did have my share of fun back in 2009 when i volunteered to help run a rugby workshop at Pat Lam Academy. These kids are just crazy about rugby! Anyway, to join in the hype of the RWC fever, i compiled a video of the kids doing the haka led by a few of the guys from the All Blacks team. Excuse the terrible video quality because i was still using my Sony Ericsson W980 then. Yes, i still remember the model. Lol! Go All Blacks!!

Retail job sucks...

I think retail is by far one of the most ridiculous job out there. Then again, anything that involve dealing with customers directly is pretty ridiculous. It's been more than a year now that i've been working part time as a sales assistant in an overpriced shoe store. And to think that i have not served any  "interesting" customers since last year would be an understatement because on average, we get at least one or two "interesting" people coming in to our store every few weeks with either a complaint or some sort of negotiation. There's this funny thing about customers here. For some reason, they get the impression that whatever they purchase comes with a lifetime warranty. And worst of all, if something happens to it, they demand a full refund. And we're talking about shoes that's been bought and used for more than 6 months. For some - a year! I recently had a customer who came in and asked if she's able to get a refund or a compensa