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And the shopping bug bites again...

Don't you just hate it when your 'sub-conscious' mind tells you that you've been a good boy saving a *bit* of extra cash this month and slowly when that little thought suddenly turns to an excuse, just before you realize it, you've practically spend it all away. Well, not really all but almost getting there. And it all started because of Mr. Smarty Pants here telling me how i can shop for board games online. Mind you...before this, my whole 'concept' of online shopping was only to get cds/caps. At least those that's hard to find around here anyway. But ever since that particular day when the thought of having a board game night was being mentioned, i felt like having the old Pictionary and the super hard to play Scene-It game wasn't enough. So off i went to Ebay and Amazon to 'have a look' . Little did i know that 'having a look' can cost me to spend quite a hefty amount. Damn. I think i need a wife to start nagging me. So wha

God's artwork

I've been jogging for a good couple of months now initially with the aim of losing ' it '. But after a while of motivating myself and seeing no results, i've decided to use jogging as my source of de-stressing myself from whatever that i'm going through (but usually shopping intensively would do the trick really!) or just to take myself out of everything that's surrounding me and spend good quality time alone praying now and then, looking for inspiration around me or just thinking about life and people. Most of the time i'd be adoring the beauty of what surrounds me. God's masterpiece. And if it's too beautiful, i'll just take out my handy dandy Sony Ericsson W880i phone and snap a picture of it. So far these are some of my favourites. Joined them into a collage cause i'm that lazy to upload the pictures multiple times. Sun setting behind my place, beautiful rainbow along Damuan stretch of road while jogging alone and beautiful clouds at Tas

Smack that...

Read something inspiring which i thought would be ideal to share it with you guys. I know a handful of you are going through some tough times so maybe this can help inspire you a bit. A man was discouraged by the lack of fruit on his grapefruit tree. Someone told him he needed to whack the trunk of the tree a few times with a board. Apparently, there is some truth to this unusual method of encouraging growth. One gardening expert says: "At times, the flowering hormone in the tree seems to get stuck and no flowers appear. Carefully persuade the tree to flower by shocking it. Hit the trunk . . . several times (which will cause) small bruises in the bark." This advice may stimulate growth. When trouble comes into our lives, we sometimes feel as if we’ve been hit broadside. We feel desperation and then we wonder, Why is this happening to me? One possibility is that God is using a painful experience to get our attention. In Psalm 119:71, David wrote, "It is good for me that I

Friendship is rare....

Had an interesting chat with a friend of mine about 'friendship'. What does your dictionary define friendship as? It makes me wonder a lot really. What exactly makes a person qualify to be your 'friend' ? Must it be that this certain person has to fit into a certain criteria that meet your requirement? Let's say you do have certain friends you're close with. What brings them closer to you? Sharing the same interests? Knowing that he/she likes certain someone and he/she told you about it and not other people thus making you feel closer? Or just spending a few memorable heart to heart talks for one or two nights? See, back then I’d always thought that you could only be considered close to a person if you know stuffs about them. Their agenda, their favorite hangout spot, their favorite color, food, drinks, what they like to do, what they hate, etc. Then it’d be knowing a few secrets about them that not much people know that makes you feel like you’re close to them.


Looking back, i just realized it's been a good number of years since i've started my first blog. No, kangta164 isn't my first blog. I've got a few way back before this one. It was under ujournal which is no longer alive anymore. If not mistaken it was way back in Form 4, greatly influenced by my so called 'bff' . After that i moved on to Blogger which is this one but ended up deleting the whole blog after few months of updating it because back then Livejournal was the 'in' thing and you can't just sign up for free and blog away just like that. No, they had to 'jual mahal' . The only way you can get a blog with Livejournal back then was if someone who's already on Livejournal has a free invite for you. Then only you can sign up. Otherwise, you're not 'cool' enough to be part of the whole blogging phenomena. I couldn't quite recall how i managed to get one but i did eventually and blogged there. It's still alive

A really gross post...

Don't ask me what inspired me to post this one up but it's been going around in my head for quite sometime now. Might as well just get it over and done with. Shit , crap or in a more scientific and polite term, faeces are something which you see almost everyday. Well, in my case i don't take a crap almost everyday (although some people say it is healthy to) so i don't see it everyday. Just thought i'd post this question. Do you usually check what you crap out after you take a crap or do you just flush it away straight after crapping? Ewww...bleughh...arggh....grosss! Yea, yea i know it is but this is what everyone goes through what. I mean, you crap, i crap, it stinks , let's talk . Haha! One thing i hate about sharing toilets is whenever someone craps right before you need to use it. The worst part is when you get no warning and you just walk in to a "naturalized aroma therapy room" and the smell of fresh excrement just rush up your nostrils. B

Selamat Hari Raya!

Just thought i'd take some time out to wish all my muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. In Him


Two weeks ago a group of us went out for a game of bowling nearby town. I've never been quite fond of the game as i'm not familiar with the rules / styles at all. I just bowl for the fun of it. What i know about this whole bowling thing is that you choose an appropriate bowling ball that suit your fingers, find one with an average weight for you to handle then roll the damn thing and try to get all the pins down without getting a disqualification by stepping over the line. Unlike golf, nobody has ever taught me anything about follow-through, posture-wise, etc. But then again, that doesn't mean i'm not good at it. Haha. Not bragging that i'm so good at it either. What i'm trying to say is once you get the 'hang' of it or as most people would put it, start 'feeling' it (the game), whether you've ever fingered a bowling ball or not, you can actually get a few strikes here and there. The differences between you and a pro would only be how bung

Happy Birthday Lorene!

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of my other 'young' friend . Yeap, it seems like most of the people i know who are celebrating their birthdays tend to get younger instead of older. Happy Birthday Lorene Anne Fong a.k.a Ms. Fong a.k.a Lolin a.k.a Teacher Lolin a.k.a Wei Ying a.k.a ba_fly?! o_O Thanks for all the encouragement and for putting up with most of my nonsense throughout the times of knowing me. I'm sure there's more to come. Hehe. You've always been a blessing and a great senior together with the other 'younger' people in YDM . Hope you'll have a great time celebrating your birthday and keep up with looking 18 all the time yes? As Uncle Ben would put it... "Bah, bila kahwin?" Bahahaha! *hugs* In Him

Series of unfortunate events...

I've been rather unlucky for the past few days or at least unlucky to see accidents happening. Last night i was heading back home from a friend's place when i suddenly saw flashing lights in front of me. That was at Damuan Recreation area along Jalan Tutong. As i approached nearer, i saw cars parked just on the side of the roads with their emergency signals on. Thought it could be a roadblock or something but lo and behold, i saw a whole bunch of jobless Bruneians taking pictures / videos of an accident scene. When i drove past the scene and took a quick glance at the smashed up car, i was certain that the driver / front passenger couldn't have survived the impact. And today's papers confirmed it. Just a few days ago, there was another accident that took the life of a government official around the same area too. I think it's about time that the authorities do something about the Damuan road area. I heard rumours about 'spirits' and how 'dirty' tha