The best & worst of 2006

Few more hours, it'll already be another brand new year. Personally, 2006 was indeed a challenging year for me but hey, like what they say "What doesn't kill you will just makes you stronger..." Not that i'm physically stronger whatsoever but i think 2006 has made me thought over a lot of things. Here's my top 10 best and worst of what have happened in 2006.

Top 10 worst..

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#10. Leaving KL just when i was about to 'enjoy' life..

#09. Stoping my youth life and move on to a really young adult life. (in other words, work!)

#08. Failing my law exam while getting my driving license.

#07. Still single despite assuring myself that 2006 is still a long way to go before it ends. Bahahaha...

#06. Getting grounded from flying overseas.

#05. Spending a hefty amount on my car after several accidents.

#04. Being pressured to take more responsibilities in the family.

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#03. Putting on weight..

#02. Realizing the cruel facts of life from different aspects.

#01. Dad being admitted to the hospital.

Top 10 best...

#10. Getting my driving license and a car

#09. Given the chance to be involved with YDM and St Andrew's Church.

#08. Starting a business with my friend.

#07. Losing a few kilos again when i'm back here.

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#06. Quiting smoking & quitting swearing. (Yes, i was a smoker...)

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#05. Meeting Kang Ta.

#04. Getting more knowledge/confidence in work.

#03. Finding out that there are people out there who actually look up to me. ;)

#02. Knowing that 2006 is coming to an end within a few hours. Hahaha!

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#01. Getting baptized/confirmed and having a renewed faith in Him..

So yeah, there you go. As far as my "New Year's Resolution" is concerned...i haven't really given much thought to it yet. But it's not like it really matters much cause i never seem to try hard enough to achieve it. I hope your 2006 wasn't that bad and hope 2007 will be a better year for each and everyone of you.

I'm really looking forward to 2007 because i believe there's gonna be something big happening. Brace yourself for that but for now, enjoy counting down the end of 2006 with your friends/family/relatives. Happy New Year 2007!

In Him


juice said…
hey friend. extremely proud of you and how you've grown in God. keep pressing on!

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