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A little over two years later...

...and I decide to post something up. What's been happening over the last two years? Oh, nothing much. Got married and stuff. No biggie really. No idea what made me decide to visit my blog which then led to the thought that I should really post something up. In all honesty, I was planning to delete the entire blog but as soon as I start looking back at my old posts, I realised how much time I've spent on here just typing away. And it's pretty surreal to re-read my thoughts and life from a decade ago. So here I am, at 29 years old, sitting alone in the room (no, not separated - the missus is back home visiting family on a holiday) sipping away on my coffee cup while my phone is on my side playing on it's own (note: stay the hell away from this game called Summoners War ) and updating away on my 16 years old blog. Hilarious. And for the record, no stones have been thrown, no limbs have been amputated yet in Brunei just in case anyone is wondering.