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Snippets of my childhood

Every now and then, I love reminiscing something from my childhood or the past especially when it comes out of the blue. Most of the time it's always affiliated with an object, movies or a certain food i haven't had in ages. Lion King musical Like when i went to Disneyland Hong Kong and saw a live performance of The Lion King , it reminded  me of my childhood days when both my friend Audrey and I got into the Lion King craze. I bought the sing-a-long book that came with the CD and sang it almost everyday. I also remembered a funny incident (if not mistaken i believe it was in Singapore) where we went shoe shopping. There was a pair of shoes that has The Lion King imprinted on it and Audrey was determined to get them. But after trying several sizes and realizing they were meant for kids, she was extremely disappointed not with the lack of shoe sizes but her feet instead. And then there was my favorite snack that my grandma used to buy me whenever i visited her in Hong K

Praying for Christchurch

Today at Christchurch... 12.51 pm: Major earthquake hits city. 12.52 pm: Some people died while some are stuck underneath rubbles. Meanwhile in Auckland... 12.51pm: I'm lying in bed thinking if i should get up. 12.52pm: Still in bed. I cannot imagine where i would be right now if the earthquake happened in Auckland instead. I'm thankful that i'm safe and sound but at the same time, my heart is heavy knowing that there are people still buried underneath rubbles a little over one hours flight away. God be with you, people of Christchurch.

It's been four years...

Me & dad back in 2005 It's the only way i can remember you. Pictures of you. I only regret not taking enough with you as i grew older thinking it would be 'awkward' to ask you for a picture. I can only allow my thoughts to wonder about the things you would say to me today. Things like whether or not you would be proud of how i've done so far or the advises you would give me with starting my career very soon. I miss listening to all your stories about growing up overseas and your struggle with moving around. I miss you telling me not to spend too much money and constantly reminding me to count my blessings. I miss answering your phone calls while you are busy with something else and letting you know who called you after you're done. I miss hearing you doing a random hissing sound whenever you climb up and down the stairs in the house. I miss those days where you would bring the family out for yum char on Sundays. But most of all, i miss you a lot dad

I love watching prank videos...

Sometimes i think the best pranks are the meanest. Especially if they're involved with someone's life. This one made me laughed. If you think that was mean, i think this is worst. But of course, no one likes to be pranked. And while this is not a prank video, i thought this was the most polite robber ever. If i got robbed by an old guy like that, i would feel so guilty for calling the cops on him. He even thank'ed the person he robbed! Lol!

Review: Books that i've been reading...

I bought this book sometime last year but haven't really gotten the time to start reading it. When Calla stopped by for a holiday last year, she went through some of my books and started reading this first. Three days later, she started bugging me to read the book cause according to her it's "sooooooooooooooo good!"  After i was done with uni for the year, i decide to spend some time reading just to get myself off the internet. I was immediately sucked into the world of Khaled Hosseini with his tale about two women and their lives in Afghanistan. While the book is based entirely on fiction, the thought of knowing the culture is real makes everything intense for me. The one thing i love about reading this book is how the ending of each chapter always leaves you with a cliff hanger and makes you want to continue reading the next one. Highly recommended if you haven't read this fine story yet. After feeling all high and accomplished with finishing " A Thousand

Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld Orlando, Florida

"If you get to be in the top 3 position of your class, i'll bring you to Disneyland..." That was what dad used to tell us when we were growing up. Bribing us with some form of incentive so we will do well in our exams. I remember for every exam, i would give it all and try to win that reward but after years of trying and not being able to succeed, i gave up. I slowly took up the mindset of  'as long as i don't fail or get unplaced in class, i'm safe!'  My dream of visiting Disneyland also slowly vanished as i grew older after realising how far the actual place is from Brunei. But back in 2008, i managed to live the childhood dream i've always wanted. A trip to Disneyland in Hong Kong with my family! Disneyland Hong Kong I remembered being all excited and trying to get on every ride even though they are clearly meant for kids. We spent the entire day there trying to make use of the money spent and making every moment worthwhile but for some reas