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Salutation to Brunei!

I was browsing through the "Have No Fear, Have Your Say" column of Brudirect when something hillarious caught my eyes. This was written regarding the STPRI issue of ghosts and ghouls. xeo writes: Las nyt i went to STPRI, 1830hrs: no people yet 2000hrs: my fren called, so i went there, there were lots of ppl waiting for "it" i guess. but i hevent heard of any stories yet. 0000hrs: this tym i went there waiting for stories. then my fren n i saw the host of "gentanyangan", hehe they bailed out sal yg ada sana atu bukan hantu, Alien yo! yatah nunggu secret service datang nie... tunggu saja kedatangannya... And in response to this, a typical Bruneian dude wrote... Satan Gendol writes: bahapatah ko nunggu di luar STPRI atu? Mcm orang bodoh ganya plang usulmu membuat di sini ahh!! Iski banar jua ko kan meliat antu.. payah2 agatah lepak..tidor kah selajur di KUbur siring kg.ayer ah!! wahaha Damn i miss my friends who used to talk like that. Haha! There's no p

Are you afraid of the dark?

Don't wander off too far alone in the dark nor hang out too late because you don't want to see what might be waiting for you...becareful when crossing paths, apologise when you're come acroos candles and foods on roadside. Pleasant dreams, don't let the ghosts and ghouls haunt you. And oh btw... HAPPY HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL... In Him

Just another day...

Something happened to my previous post i think. It's not showing i think. Anyhuz, how's everyone doing? Good? It's been a long week. Jy went back to Brunei already. Sent him off to the airport at 5 in the morning. I lost my phone. I kinda misplaced it and uh, some lucky person found it. So yeah, can't really blame that someone stole it, cause it's my fault. If you guys message me or something and i go like "Who is this..?" don't get offended cause i lost all my contact details. I manage to recover my number from the service centre but all the numbers saved on my sim card are gone! I dyed my hair. Twice! Haha..well i bleached it first, and the next day i dyed it. Doesn't seems to be much difference so i'm going to dye again. My hair is so dry now. This is the result after i bleached my hair. Umm, this is the result after dying my hair. Mmm..kay it's suppose to look "Cool Khakis" but apparently, there's nothing. Haha..i have