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The best & worst of 2006

Few more hours, it'll already be another brand new year. Personally, 2006 was indeed a challenging year for me but hey, like what they say "What doesn't kill you will just makes you stronger..." Not that i'm physically stronger whatsoever but i think 2006 has made me thought over a lot of things. Here's my top 10 best and worst of what have happened in 2006. Top 10 worst.. #10. Leaving KL just when i was about to 'enjoy' life.. #09. Stoping my youth life and move on to a really young adult life. (in other words, work!) #08. Failing my law exam while getting my driving license. #07. Still single despite assuring myself that 2006 is still a long way to go before it ends. Bahahaha... #06. Getting grounded from flying overseas. #05. Spending a hefty amount on my car after several accidents. #04. Being pressured to take more responsibilities in the family. #03. Putting on weight.. #02. Realizing the cruel facts of life from different aspects. #01. Dad b

Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Just a quick flashback to my childhood. I remember when i was young, i've always been fascinated with what i see on TV. It was especially during Christmas time that my eyes would really glow whenever they start playing Christmas movies on TV2 . The snow, the presents, the family gatherings, the Christmas tree, every little thing about Christmas just brings a smile on my face. Of course, Santa Claus too. Yes, i've actually believed that Santa Claus existed. I could fondly remember once telling my dad that i'm gonna stay up all night for Christmas just to wait for Santa Claus to come to which he laughed and say "Sure, you want me to leave the gate and door open for him since we don't have a chimney?" Anyway, i kinda grew out of the whole Santa thing but once in a while whenever i come across stuffs about him, i just smile and reminisce about my childhood. But today was different though. I was reading Borneo Bulletin and came across an article on some group of

Merry Christmas 2006

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2007 to all of you! Here's a video of the handmime we did for Christmas Celebration held at Hua Ho Manggis. In Him

This is my daddy...

This is my daddy on January 2005 when he dropped by KL for a business trip... This is my daddy on June 2005 when the doctors gave a 'false alarm' on my dad's cancer marker.. This is my daddy with on August 2005 before the operation... This is my daddy celebrating his 56th birthday on February 2006 after the operation This is my daddy still able to visit his work site on May 2006 This is my daddy with his 2nd older brother on September 2006 This is my daddy in the hospital celebrating my youngest sister's birthday on December 2006 ... And they say 1 year doesn't make much of a difference in a man's life.... In Him


Just when you thought the world around you was tumbling down, you still have people around you who are willing to offer prayers. Even those that i've never met before personally dropped by the hospital to pray for my dad. And the best part about it? GOD was is there. Dad is feeling much better now but there are still more to come. Thank you so much for all the prayers and do continue to pray for my dad and my family. In Him

Beginning of the end...

Few months ago, he said... "I know my body, i tell you i won't be able to sail through 2006." Now it's already December. The end of 2006. I was feeling a bit relieve that 2007 is coming and that my conscience was true that he was just having a a little faith. But reality slap me in the face last night. He seems to be lost yesterday. At around midnight, we were all surrounding him asking him what's wrong with him because he doesn't seems right. He didn't bother replying. We tried all we could to snap him out of his motionless state but it doesn't seems to work. 1 am, he started vomitting all that we've fed him with. Reluctantly, we had to sent him to the emergency section fearing that he might just collapse there and then. And then the words he told me before flashed back.. "Once i'm admitted to the hospital, that's the end of me...i know my body, son..i won't sail through 2006." Being in the hospital till 6 am was the most exc

Guess who's back?

Doesn't Mr Bean's face just remind you of your childhood days? Only thing is i don't remember him making that much noise back in the old movies...until the cartoon version came out. Anyway, definitely one movie to look forward to in 2007... In Him