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The Last Lecture

Just took a short extract from the book i've been reading cause i find this little advice given by the author, Randy Pausch (who shockingly just passed away few minutes ago just as i scanned this page for this post, after battling the same cancer like my dad for the past 1 1/2 year) really meaningful. In terms of relativity, if you take the whole B-G-R issue out of the context and put the above quote just generally on people, i think you'd be able to see how a person's character really is. But sticking to what's being mentioned, touching on the whole B-G-R thing, a good advice for the boys and girls...ignore all the sweet talks and start observing. "It is not the things we do in life we regret on the deathbed, it's the things we do not. Find your passion and follow it." - Randy Pausch on Good Morning America : May 19,2008 Rest well Mr. Pausch. In Him

Of TVs and Players...

Ron is so smart. Few months ago, he bought a HD TV with a home theatre system that supposedly can play movies that give a HD quality since it has a HDMI output and also after being sweet talked by the salesman who bragged sooo much about the player / tv . So, ever since he had those 2 gadgets, he's been upgrading his movies from Unitek selections to a much more better quality produced movies from the Orange DVD shop in Gadong. Then one fine day, someone passed a comment saying the following; "You know it's quite a waste to get such a good system but not being able to experience real HD quality movies? Not DVD 9 but real HD-HD!! You should start investing in some REAL HD quality dvds lah and see the real difference!" So after a while, he thought to himself and agreed...why not try get maybe 1 or 2 HD movies from Amazon . That he did and in anticipation, he waited 2 weeks for the arrival of the dvds. After 2 excruciating weeks of waiting, the dvds arrived. Oh, the j

Where next, big daddy G?

Narrowing it down to 2 potential places for now. It's either; "Dis guy si beh powderful sia. Hoh seh liao lah! Damn steady wan la..." or going back to; "Apeee ni? You tak cinta I sudah ke?" although it's always cool if God decides to open the door for me to; "G'day mate!" with some of my friends there or better still, live my dream of being able to hear the people say; "Tuition classes" naturally and have breakfast / lunch and dinner of Subways for the first week if i do eventually set a foot there. Hehe. But regardless of where God puts me, i'm just thankful and super duper excited for what He has in store. This, i definitely can't wait. In Him


Just need some suggestion / recommendation of colleges / universities that offer Mass Communication courses. A decent, not so expensive college / uni and a recognizable cert perhaps? Anyone?? In Him

Jiang hua yu....

Da jia hao!! Hui jie de you yi dien 'surprise' mah wo zai jiang hua yi? Jing tien wo hen xiang yao jiang hua yi. Sui rang wo de hua yi hen ban tong sui, wo hai sze jie de ru guo wo zai yung wo de lan hua yi 'blog' zai ze li, gan jue you yi dien hen... 'satzzz' ying wei wo dao jing tien hai mei you kan guo bie ren yung wo zi zong ban tong sui de hua yi zai 'blog' . Ke shi ne, hao ke si lor ying wei nah xie mei yi chi du wo zhi ge blog zi shi hui kan ing wen. Hai you ke neng hui you yi-niang-ge hai shi hui du chu lai wo zai 'blog' she me. You mah? Hmm...nah ru guo wo zai zhe li yao suo bie ren de huai hua, hui du chu lai wo zai pin de ban tong sui yin peng you, ni hui bu hui kaypoh chi jiang chu lai mah? Wo kan zui hao hai bu yao bah. Hao bu ru, wo men sze xia suo yi niang ju chu hua. Hehe. Na xie peng you hui du zhi ge, ni men zun bei le ma? Lai wo men yi chi suo yi ge chu hua xian... Piku tong!!! Hahahahahaahah. Zen wu liau... Wo yao xie ren

Happy 21st Birthday Bum!

Quick shoutout to the bum down under celebrating her 21st birthday today. Yeap, she's holding a baby bottle . In Him

Happy Birthday T-Man!

This is going to be a random post as i haven't been inspired to blog lately. I don't know why this picture always puts a smile on my face. Come back soon you ! And on another note, someone 's turning another year older. "Haiyaaaa!!! Another year older!! Mo-kao-cho-ah!!" Stress that... :P In Him

A tribute to Criss Angel...

Ladies and gentleman, i present to you... CHRIS ANGLE ! Only those who watch Criss Angel's "Mindfreak" episodes will find it funny. Otherwise, just enjoy the not-so-brilliant magic trick performed by yours truly. Haha. And then there's this... That's how Sun Wukong usually make his steel bar appear i guess? Haha. In Him


Whoa!! That's how i felt when the movie ended. It didn't really start out so interesting but thanks to the hillarious character of Wesley Gibson (well played by James McAvoy ), the scenes weren't too bad to begin with. Things definitely spiced up a bit once Angelina Jolie's face showed up on the screen 'cause that's when the action begins. No, literally....! Haha. But yes, i sort of yelled out "Rubbish!" in the first part of the movie when they showed a scene where the bullet actually making a corner turn when it was being fired. Logically, i don't think that's a possible move but as the story goes along, you would probably have to deal with how it's being done...otherwise you might just think the whole movie is pretty stupid. I'm not the type who would watch a movie when i know that potentially, certain things can't be done in real life but for Wanted , putting aside all the illogical super effects and car flippings, i thought