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Universal's Islands of Adventures!

I think this would be by far the best theme park i've ever been to. If you're into movies and theme parks, this is definitely the place for you to go since their theme parks are based on movies produced by Universal. While there are three different theme parks in Universal ( Universal's Islands of Adventures ,  Wet n' Wild  and  Universal Studios Florida Theme Park ) we were only able to spend a day in the Islands of Adventures due to time constraint. Islands of Adventures! So what's there in Islands of Adventures? The first stop you'll probably come across would be Dr Seuss in Seuss Landing which is probably the only section that younger kids will find appealing. Calla the tourist You'll find carousels and mini train rides with Dr Seuss' riddles and a playground for the little ones to hang around. We didn't spend too much time there to begin with since our aim was to see the latest addition to the Islands of Adventure... The Wizarding Worl

Who is kangta164?

For some of you who have been reading this blog for more than half a decade, thank you so much for constantly spending a little bit of your time each day reading my entries. Looking at my archives, i've had this blog since 2005 (although i started this blog way before 2005 and ended up deleting it temporarily only to return after i got over the blog-hopping craze) and has been constantly trying to keep everyone updated with what's happening in my life. While majority of the readers are mostly my friends from all over the world, sometimes my entries also happen to attract strangers through google search from some of my old posts that i've written. I would think most of my friends from high school know the reason/story behind the name of this blog but probably majority of the people who stumble across this blog would have no clue who, what, why or how i even got the alias kangta164 . I think this would be the perfect time (technically six years late) to share a little histo

My first time in Chicago, Illinois: Part 2.

Second / last day in Chicago was filled with yet another adventurous day as we made plans to visit Lincoln Park Zoo which is free. My first thought and expectations of visiting a free zoo was quite low to be honest cause if it's free, i'm most probably come face to face with some animals that i've seen before like monkeys or cows. Maybe throw in a few sheep and lambs too. Possibly crocodiles and err peacock? But nevertheless, we were all still excited about making a trip there. Had breakfast first at a bakery place nearby our hotel where they had a promo. A cup of coffee with your choice of bagel or muffin for $3. Pretty good deal for a place like Chicago in my opinion! Remember kids, breakfast is the  most important meal of the day! Didn't take us long to catch a bus from where we were to get to the zoo. Despite the fact that all of us didn't know where we're going, i think we did a pretty good job figuring out which bus can get us where and this time ar

Review: My first time at Ed Debevic's

During our first day at Chicago, my girlfriend insisted we should go for Ed Debevic's for dinner. I never heard of them so i wasn't sure what sort of food they have nor did i have any expectations about them. Plus, i was starving from all the travelling so i thought any food should be good at this point. We managed to find the place not too far from Hard Rock Cafe and from the outside, it looks pretty old school with the colour and design on their building so the first thing i thought was, it could be a retro place. See the crowd going in? Shows how busy they are! When we got in, the place was packed so we had to queue a while for our table which surprisingly didn't take too long. While queuing, there were two guys with two young girls in front of us waiting as well. All of a sudden, i heard the hostess shouting saying "Hey! How old are your kids?!" which took me by surprise. My first instinct was maybe it was too loud in there so she had to shout. Then one

My first time in Chicago, Illinois: Part 1.

Ah Chicago! Chicago, Chicago, Chicago!! I don't even know where to start about my first trip to Chicago. Calla planned this trip with her sister just to get me out of Michigan since last year i spent my entire trip only within the state so she wanted to bring me someplace different. Since getting there was relatively inexpensive, i thought it would be a great idea to explore a new place. It took about three to four hours for us to get from Michigan to Indiana due to massive blizzard on the way there. It's probably the first and last time i would ever wanna experience that although it did give me a different kind of excitement. Maybe more of an adrenaline rush of some sort. But I'm glad my girlfriend's sister, Jenn handled it well behind the wheel while her husband, Al helped with navigation. Here's a clip to show you how bad the road was! Al scrapping off ice from the back window... Thankfully, we made it through safe and sound. By the time we got to the tra