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APL*ITUNES 866-712-7753 on your bank statement? YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED.

[Update 17Jan2018] - Wow. To think that 8 years later, this scam is still going on as I'm still getting the odd notifications every now and then with comments on this post. TLDR: If you guys stumble upon this random site because of the APL*ITUNES 866-71-2-7753 charge on your credit/debit card, call your bank immediately and report it as a fraud.  If you have an iTunes account and have any bank cards associated with it, you might wanna beware. I normally check my bank accounts every now and then just to be sure that there's nothing fishy going on in there and of course at the same time, just like many of you *secretly* hoping that someone might accidentally transfer $1 million to my account as well. I've had a few cases of credit card frauds happening and so far, banks have been very cooperative with disputing transactions and issuing me a new card (especially my local bank, SCB Brunei. Well done!). So today, i checked one of my overseas bank account and found out tha


I got me a haircut. It's shorter now.

Skyswing at Rotorua, New Zealand!

Been far too long since the last update but i hope this hilarious video will make up for the lack of updates. My girlfriend's in town since last month and she'll be heading back to Michigan in a week. It's been quite busy for me trying to juggle time between uni, work and dating but so far i think i handled it pretty well. Here's an edited footage of me, Calla and Josh doing the Skyswing up at Rotorua two weeks ago. Josh thought it'd be funny if he can pull the string to release the swing when we least expect it but somehow, he ended up with some fail moments for us to laugh about. This was definitely worth the money and trip for us. OH-EM-GEEEEE!!