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Garlic chicken in plum sauce

Since i've been so clueless on what to update this blog with considering i haven't been doing much, i thought why not share a recipe or two with you guys since i've been doing some cooking for my friends here. Plus, i don't want you guys to think i've been sucked into moving to Tumblr that i'm closing this blog down too. So so, for some of you who are like me that get bored of not knowing what to cook for your meals, maybe you can try your hands on this recipe that i got from my mom. You will need; - Chicken wings or chicken breasts. (ideally chicken wings would taste better with this, but if you're gonna be feeding Caucasians make sure they know how to eat chicken wings. Not everyone knows how to eat chicken wings which is a major culture shock for me here. Hahaha! Otherwise, chicken breasts would be just fine.) - Plum sauce (get the sweet type not the ones that have spicy taste or the extremely sour ones. The ones that usually says 'great for

This Is It!

( Click on the picture to order your original copy from Amazon!) Just released! *shrieks* And i got my copy already. Mehehehehe! I know i'm such a loser for doing this but hey, it's Michael Jackson.

Who needs a Lomo when you have an iPhone?

And using Hipstamatic is so much easier and cheaper than owning a lomo camera! Haha. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

A post for Haiti

I may not know anyone who's from Haiti nor have i heard of the place before this earthquake catastrophe but my heart is filled with sorrow whenever i watch the news coverage on this event. Although most of the time, i would usually shut myself off from this sort of news and just continue on with my life, being 23 this year and having the privilege of enjoying simple luxuries in life like for example typing on this laptop right now, where some of the Haitians might have not even touched one before and is already dead, it certainly does bug me a lot to just harden my heart and not contribute anything at all. Well i know for sure neither of us have the money like celebrities nor are we high profile people to kick start a campaign to help people out but i do encourage you that if you have ways to contribute to help out Haiti, please do so. Big or small, it doesn't really matter at all as long as you've done your part in contributing. I've got some friends back in Auckland r

Nothing is impossible

Today my brother got news from his doctor that the report from his last operation tested negative from cancer. Praise God for His love shown through the prayers and support from all of you and the doctors who have cared for him. Praise God for the strength He has given to my mom for looking after my brother for the past 2 years. God is good...all the time!

A subconscious message...

If New Zealand happened to be in your list of a must visit places before you die, it's probably a subconscious message has been planted in your head. Especially if you're a big MTV fan in the late 90's. The culprit? OMC . Did you know OMC are actually from New Zealand? How bizarre! The guy sitting in the backseat = legendary. LOL!

Hello 2010!

I'm still having a blast here in Michigan. It's been a very fast 3 weeks for me here and I've still got another 6 more weeks to go before heading back to Auckland and resuming uni. As much fun as i'm having right now, the only downside to being on a long holiday is getting too used to being a bum and not doing anything productive. But i'm definitely sure i'll be missing moments like these once uni work starts piling up. On another note, my brother will be going for an operation tomorrow to remove some remaining tumors in his body. I just hope and pray it will be a smooth operation and that it will also be his last operation ever. Do keep him in prayers. I hope everyone had a good new year celebration. Here's a picture of me having some ice. It's not yellow snow so don't feel too gross out about that.