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Who's your daddy?

"What is it about God that makes people nervous? You can have the most awesome time in the world with a bunch of people talking about practically every little thing that crosses you mind and the moment you insert the God or Jesus into the conversation, things suddenly feel awkward."

That was last week's sermon shared by Pastor Alan Meyers. He added something interesting which i thought was relevantly true i.e. we are all living as 'secret agent' for Jesus. Publicly, we are conforming to the world but deep inside us, we claim to be Christians. We secretly 'do things for Christ' but tries to keep it as low profile as ever so that our friends won't find out about us. He also asked why is it difficult for the human heart to draw near to God?

It all goes back to how we paint God in our head. When you see or hear the word God, which picture do you have in mind?
Or perhaps this is the God you have in mind?

You see, our hearts were created to be like a living ro…

Teck's favourite song...

Chiong ah!!


Dad, i'm sorry. I've let you down.

Rugby is a religion here...

Just got back from helping out with a children's program over at Remuera. It was crazy seeing kids of all ages getting so competetive with their little rugby games. There was around 400 kids altogether in the program and i was assigned as a team leader to 20 kids. Honestly, the kids there are probably the most energetic bunch i have ever seen. Most of them were ready by 9 am and started running around the whole day non stop. Rugby balls flying here and there, kids tackling each other and rugby talks here and there. Man, I got tired easily just by looking at them. I'm glad that a few of my friends were nice enough in to help out in this event too.

I think every school holidays, there's always this rugby event going on for the kids to spend their break and seems like those who signed up do enjoy it a lot. They know what they're suppose to do, where they're suppose to go, etc which makes my task as a team leader a lot more easier. All i needed to do was to cheer them o…

Aye, b, c, d, e, f, g....





I think those words are starting to bug me. I'm fine if it's coming from people who can pull it off nicely but not when it's coming from people who think they sound Kiwi just by throwing those words at the very end of each sentence they use. Like literally every sentence.

Me: "So, where to for lunch?"
X: "I don't know aye"
Me: "Well, how about Subway?"
X: "Aye?"
Me: "I said, how about Subbbbwayyyyy...."
X: "Oh, i thought you say Jollibee aye."

Then again, i was guilty of trying out the whole 'aye' thing but after hearing how ridiculous people sound like when they "aye" their way around, i've decide to just cut it off. As racist as this may sound, it was never quite a problem for me at all until one of my Indian friend started going full out with the 'aye' thing. If that is not bad enough, his 'aye' came with an Indian …

It's been a while...

I apologize for the lack of updates. Took a month off the internet and was busy with exams, activities and what not. And then now, i caught the flu. I'm still not entirely over the fact that Michael Jackson is dead thus my current phase of just watching tonnes of his videos on Youtube. I'm hoping they will make the memorial service that's happening later into a dvd copy.

Meanwhile, just some of my favourite shots i'd like to share with you taken during my time at Otaki. Taken using my Lumix LX3. Perhaps my chapter of Nikon is coming to an end? Hmm....