Excuse me Mr. Cheng Lim

Some of you might have know that i've been away for the past week taking a short break from life. It was an okay trip, didn't really relax nor enjoy cause my main purpose was to collect my certificates from my college and to help out on a concert.

Speaking of certifcates, 2 years of hardwork and paying the course's fees on time, the diploma that's given by IMI Switzerland is one of the ugliest diploma ever. Seriously, we paid over RM $20k and studied their "Guten Tag" language every semester just to get us a plain piece of paper designed by a person which i believe that have NO SENSE of creativity. I mean, i know it's going to turn out ugly but not this ugly. No wait, it's way beyond ugly. Swiss people i tell ya...only know how to design properly for Ikea stuffs but not certificates. Tsk tsk!

As far as my testimonial is concerned, I got really nice comments from my lecturers but whoever was responsible for typing out the testimonial really needs to get whacked. On the heading, my name is spelt correctly but the starting line it's written.."This is to certify that Ronald Cheng Lim is bla bla.."

I didn't know i come from a Lim family. Do i look like a Lim to you?

Well, at least i should be happy that they did not name me Ronald "Eric" Lim or something. According to the theory of Mr. Russell Peters, Eric's a @s$^0|3! If KDU College can't handle simple paperwork like these, i can't imagine what's gonna happen on graduation day. Picture Matt going up on stage for graduation day and they announce "From DCM 2004 intake, Mathew Eduardo Zhan Di Kai"


In Him


kangta164 said…
Nop don't think i will. Kekeke... :P

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