The truth behind the truth?

I was queueing at a local bank doing the usual routine of depositing cheques when something that was shown on the television caught my eyes.

They were showing CNN reports with the text below the t.v saying "Judas did not betray Jesus after all..." which was rather disturbing for me. I tried to listen to what the report was saying but i couldn't catch what was going on...

So the whole world is talking about the actual event that took place that Judas did not betray Jesus at all. I've read this and didn't find it convincing at all. So far, i still couldn't find any website that tells the actual story but from the website that i've looked up to, it is mentioned that Judas actually acted on Jesus' request to be handed over to the authorities. But in the Bible itself, it was also mentioned that Judas did accept bribes from the authorities to get Jesus to be handed over to them. And what more, the almighty one did predict that Judas was going to betray Him.

As a Christian, i think we should just stick to what the Bible says and not change history at all. If Judas was a good man, why did he hang himself after he felt guilty for betraying his master? So if let's say, Jesus was not betrayed by Judas, then He wouldn't be handed over to the authorities who would then crucify him led alone died for our sins? And through other blogs that i've read some claimed that in the "Gospel of Judas" it was also mentioned that Jesus did not walk on water, instead He walked on ice. So what? It was faith that matters. Plus this website didn't really give much information aside from where the scripture was found, and where it was kept, how the key was hidden and who remembered all this, in the end sold to some guy, etc.

The Lord himself did state "Thou shall not test the Lord". If the Lord wants us to follow what he have given us in the Bible, then i don't think anyone should have the right to change history of the Holy one.

Anyone got the link to the content of the "Gospel of Judas", do share it with me. And what do you guys think of this new "breakthrough" in the Christian world?

In Him


juice said…
seems like a rise in false prophets man. you know what im talking about.
kangta164 said…
juice: exactly! i really wonder what's wrong with people today...

pipspot: true but so far they mentioned that they 'found' it but i still can't find any links to what the content are. but most likely i'll stick to what have been given to us 2006 years ago..

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