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HP Pavilion A5098D

I seriously think when God created me, he forgot to put enough patience in me. Meet the newest member in my room. My latest gadget of HP Pavilion A9508D that comes with a really slick 19 inch HP LCD Monitor. Yes, i bought it the very next day after i blogged about it because apparently i did not have a good night sleep after blogging about it. I do not know much about computers but boy when i saw this, it's like love at first sight. Funny how love can be exaggerated to the extend of using it between a human and a computer? I must be getting really really lonely. Haha. I haven't quite got the chance to sit down the whole day and explore this PC yet due to many commitments but *hopefully* if this Saturday is not a working day for me, i think i'm gonna stay up the whole night tomorrow fondling with it. Still adjusting my eyes to this extremely large screen. I'm dying to watch the next Prison Break episode on this new PC. So that's one down, 78333124 items more to go!

What i want NEED!

Ever since i've started working, my list of "What I Want" have become endless. Yes, i'm quite a shopholic really. To be honest, i really do enjoy shopping. I just love taking my time adoring items and picturing it at where i would like it to be, how it would look, etc..which is one reason why, i prefer shopping alone. I can spend on average at least 30 minutes looking for the new type of shampoo / soap that i would like to try. When it comes to fashion wise, i'd play safe and shop with girls. I can't deny that girls have much better taste somehow since it's their species that we're trying to impress right? But then, it's been a while since i've shopped for clothings (i've been saying that since i was in KL..haha!) . Not that i haven't been looking out for cool clothings but i've came down to a conclusion that for an obese dude like my size, even the coolest clothings won't make you look cool at all. Size DOES matter... So becau

Lelong lelong!

Click on the picture to see it in full... Got that in my email and thought that was pretty hillarious. Sometimes i really wonder whether teachers really get these types of answers for the test papers they set. Anyway, just a quick update to let you guys know that i've included a new section in my blog. In case you're wondering what's going on, i've got a few stuffs that i wanna let go. Some are new, some are old. But most of it are going to be cds, and yes, it'll be original cds only. By the way, the Marty Sampson album that i'm selling is brand new . I'm down to my last 2 copies. Why did i have extra copies in the first place? Let's just say i was 'thoughtful' to order some extra copies for a few friends whom i assumed would buy but it didn't really went well as planned. Just so you know, that is Marty Sampson's first solo album and it has NOTHING to do with Hillsong, Hillsong United nor his faith. Surprisingly, it's a love album


I'm not really good a giving reviews on stuff but let's just say for the movie 300 , if you haven't seen it, it's worth the money. If you happen to stay in a place where there's an Imax theatre around, that'll be much better because this movie is full of effects that's bound to wow you (from what i've heard only lah..not like there's a Imax theatre over here..) but even WITHOUT Imax vision, i'm really impressed enough with all the heads flying off and blood spluttering around. Do take note that a good movie from Ron doesn't really means ALL of you would enjoy this. No, what Simon Cowell would say "I'm just being honest here.." i wouldn't recommend this movie for minors or girls (like "girly girls" that adores ponies and butterflies...sorry not being sexist but that's the best i can describe the type of girls who definitely won't like this...) due to the following reasons: 1. Throughout the w


You know how it's funny to joke with your friends about being sick so you can get the whole "MC" (Medical Cert) to get out of job for the day? Well, it's cool to joke about it...but when you really fall sick, it's not cool at all. Yes, i am sick at the moment. It kinda started off with a little itch in the throat where you feel like it's getting dry, then it somehow becomes a blocked nose the next day. The day after that, you start to get a bit of phlegm in your chest and your lungs kinda provoke you to cough it all out but you get this little scary feeling back in your pathetic little mind that whenever you try to cough it hard, you're afraid that blood will shoot out instead of the plegm? Yes, weird thoughts... That's how i usually get sick and the ironic part of it all is i knew i was going to get sick...but i didn't do much about it. Oh and don't you just hate it when you're all fine and well, your phone seems to be dead but then when