Beginning of the end...

Few months ago, he said..."I know my body, i tell you i won't be able to sail through 2006."

Now it's already December. The end of 2006. I was feeling a bit relieve that 2007 is coming and that my conscience was true that he was just having a a little faith. But reality slap me in the face last night.

He seems to be lost yesterday. At around midnight, we were all surrounding him asking him what's wrong with him because he doesn't seems right. He didn't bother replying. We tried all we could to snap him out of his motionless state but it doesn't seems to work.

1 am, he started vomitting all that we've fed him with. Reluctantly, we had to sent him to the emergency section fearing that he might just collapse there and then. And then the words he told me before flashed back..

"Once i'm admitted to the hospital, that's the end of me...i know my body, son..i won't sail through 2006."

Being in the hospital till 6 am was the most excruciating moment in my life seeing my dad being treated. To see the man who raised our family just moaning in pain, crying just tears our heart. And to see the man who sacrificed so much for us throughout our lives not being able to recognize us just makes me want to die.

Please pray for my dad.

In Him


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