Dream big!

Despite not being a sports fanatic, i'm still quite irritated whenever i come across articles and posts touching on my country's absence from the Olympics 2008. I mean right now i don't want to care about whatever reasons our Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports comes up with anymore but i'm more annoyed with the fact that after this whole big messed up issue, i just realized that we, Bruneians do not dream big.


Because i know if there were athletes that have dreamt big enough of representing this countryBrunei's concept of THE bird's nest... in the Olympics, there's bound to be more than 2 athletes that's 'qualified' to participate in the first place. Like really, out of the whole population of 400,000 people in Brunei, only 2 athletes are 'fit' to participate internationally initially but few days prior to the biggest sporting event in the whole world, our Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports suddenly say they have not met the minimum required standards set to compete. Uh hello, are there no other substitutes? Are they really no other passionate athletes around who's dream is to represent it's country in this huge main event? Have they all really migrated to Australia / U.K?

Hmm...maybe elauns-nya kurang sikit that's why i don't wanna participate in the biggest sporting event in the world.

Come on, where are all the previous athletes that have represented the country for the SEA Games? SUKMA? Aren't they good enough? I'm sure a lot of us agree that despite knowing the chances of our country achieving a gold medal is pretty much dead flat, at least if you send a bunch of aspiring athletes over just to participate, allowing them to gain some the biggest experience they can ever imagine, i'm sure it'll inspire them and the younger athletes back home to work / train even harder to represent the country in the future. How would we know how much standards we have or how much more we need to achieve if we do not compete against other countries?

I honestly don't know when we'll ever move forward. Don't get me wrong, i love my country. But i just hate it's over-laid-back-malas tak ku ingau-karang tah attitude. You know there's some serious issue when all you expect to hear out of H.M's titah every year is an increment in salary and other than that, you can't be bothered about anything else.

"Hi, my name is Ron. I come from a little country called Brunei. Yeap, that unknown country that couldn't make it for the Olympics back in 2008 because we're all...well, pretty much underqualified..."

It's time to dream big and work towards it Brunei!

In Him


Yea i'm annoyed too. U know every country is required to send their athletes to olympics n brunei dun need to spend even a single cent coz its all paid for by IOC.Secondly,it is a requirement to send at least 1 athlete for swimming and track and field. Even if the athlete is not qualified,we already haf the green light for the athletes to compete from the sports federation.Thirdly,there area 3categories to compete..one for the elite, the other one for the ok-ok athlete and the other one is for those who are not so good... so there are no reasons that our athletes are not qualified or they'll embarass our country. Bottom line, only 1 man is responsible for all these problems and dat 1 man shld be killed =P
kangta164 said…
Haha i figured you'd be very annoyed about this whole issue too. Honestly, i still think i wouldn't be embarass if our country didn't win in any competition but at least send them over to compete. I'm sure a lot of Bruneians would take so much pride in seeing their people being there. Seems like there's no sportsmanship spirit la by not going at all and giving reasons that we're not 'fit' enough. That's just a slap in the face to all our local athletes. I hated that statement where they say we were accepted under the unqualified athletes quota and then announced later that our athletes are unqualified to even take part in the unqualified part...like what the heck? We that bad meh??

Maybe too much Nasi Katok around...time to close them down! :S

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