Butterfly Lovers - Wu Chun fever anyone?

Wu Chun Returns Home To Promote ‘Butterfly Lovers’
By James Kon

Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei's home-grown movie star, Wu Chun, will be returning home with his costar of 'Butterfly Lovers', Charlene Choi tomorrow to promote the movie here.

Wu Chun will be catching a flight from Singapore to Brunei via B1422 and is expected to touch down at 1.05pm while Charlene Choi will be arriving via B1636 from Hong Kong at 6.30pm.
Movie-goers who have watched `Butterfly Lovers' exclusively at The Mall's Cineplex are advised to keep their ticket stubs as the entrance pass for the "Meet the Fans" session with both stars at The Empire Theatre at 8pm tomorrow.

Reporters from Hong Kong TVB - the most popular station in Hong Kong - Ming Bao Daily and hundreds of fans from Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong will also be flying in to Brunei to attend the event.

The organisers and sponsors for the promotion are Greencity Concept Sdn Bhd, Brunei Tourism, Royal Brunei Airlines and The Empire Hotel & Country Club. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

I think even my cousins and aunts are heading to the airport to greet him today. Haha. I got a strong feeling there might be a more than usual local crowd for him this trip back home. I haven't watched the movie yet although i've heard quite a lot of positive feedback from my friends who already did. Of course you gotta give chance a bit la kan...i mean after all, he still is the 'first Bruneian on the big screen' instead of being on RTB only. So maybe most of the pengkritik out there also lower down their level of Simon Cowell when watching Butterfly Lovers.

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