Hotel 626...

2 more months and it'll be a brand new year...yet again! Thankful to be alive, thankful to live through another year and thankful that Christmas is coming! I'm looking forward to the upcoming next 2 months as i'll be doing a lot of travelling after i'm done with my job. Woohoo!

Found out this interesting online game last night. Anyone ever played Hotel 626 before? If you love games like Resident Evil or Fatal Frame, you'll enjoy that short freebie game...except for the loading part. It's a bonus for you if you also have a thing for movies like Blair Witch and Cloverfield. It'd be cool if in the future, games will be in real life format instead of animation.

Speaking of Blair Witch and Cloverfield, i am sooooo looking forward to this movie coming out this month. *shrieks* Let's see if it's going to be better than the original Spanish version [REC]. I mean come on, it's the Exorcist woman acting. She's freaky when she make her psycho screams (Jennifer Carpenter) cause she reminds me of her role in The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

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