Just need some suggestion / recommendation of colleges / universities that offer Mass Communication courses. A decent, not so expensive college / uni and a recognizable cert perhaps?


In Him


Anonymous said…
are you looking at colleges/unis in KL? If so, you might want to look at the one that Anand is at - IACT.


Or there's always TAYLOR'S!! :D
kangta164 said…
Haha i don't know about KL. Taylors...hmm...haha! Man going back to KL is like old times again...grr...we'll see which door God opens for me. :)
Anonymous said…
If you are in Singapore.
Try SIM.
KDU Again? :D
kangta164 said…
Anonymous: Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. Just checked out SIM's website..i think i'm underqualified to even apply. Haha. Maybe KDU again? I don't know.. :)
Anonymous said…
hop by..curi tengok yr blog :D

If going to SG to study..
SIM is ok..quite chun...jangan MDIS.
After KDU..i went MDIS..
MDIS damn laoya!
kangta164 said…
Lah Jhia Wei! Potong steam je...i sudah nak masuk MDIS la wei...what course you took there macha?

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