Animal Shelter Brunei

Did you know that you can adopt your own pets through Animal Shelter Brunei at no cost? They'll even help you sterilize the animal if you plan to get one! There's quite a number of adorable puppies, dogs, cats and kittens available so if you need a companion, do check them out.

I've also made a simple thumbnail to link to their simple adoption centre website to create awareness for this small community of people dedicating their time to save those strays from being runover, poison and killed. Feel free to use it on your blog / sites and let your friends know. Please say NO TO ANIMAL CRUELTY!

Adopt your pet @ Animal Shelter Brunei for FREE!

If we just give a little bit more support to small community like this, i'm sure it'll make big differences in the future. Hey, who knows we might even have our own local SPCA in the future?

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