Night out at Charmy's...

Mom came back from Hong Kong on Saturday on a last minute notice so both my sisters and I thought it'd be nice to bring her out for dinner with Drey's parents. I was craving for Nadj's cheap brilliant Indian cuisine that night but much to my disappointment, they were closed for renovation so we ended up dining at Kaizen Sushi.

After dinner, Aunty Doreen suggested we go for dessert at a new place in Gadong that everyone's talking about...

The place is...very blue. Blue lights eveywhere, freezing cold, lots of young people (not that i'm any older) and here we are, one big family...'partying'. Haha. I did enjoy spending time not only with my family but with Drey's parents too. And i'm surprise that mom didn't complain about how dim the lights were or how painful her eyes were cause of the lights. I even purposely drove a *wee* bit faster when bringing her out for dinner and she just sat and chill in the car. Usually she'll do the typical "Slow down, too fast" talks with me but not that night.

I think Hong Kong just made her younger at heart. I'm glad mom's home for a short while to take a break.

Oh and the place that we went for dessert serves 'snow flakes' dessert. It's nothing like your usual ABC shaved ice dessert or ice cream ice. Definitely a new concept brought in to Brunei and something new to try..but how long this will last is a big [?]

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