Merry Christmas from Hong Kong!

My apologies for not updating this blog for the past 2 weeks as I'm currently having a great time here in Hong Kong with my family and relatives. It's really been a long time since i've last seen them (13 years to be exact) and it's just so overwhelming seeing most of my cousins being so much older than i remembered and the the guys side all....balding. Lol! And not forgetting trying to get comfortable with my new nephews and a neice which popped out during my hiatus of 13 years.

So far, it's been a fantastic trip for me especially with the cold breeze blowing in which is definitely a bonus to add in to the Christmas mood. I just love cold weather! Shopping wise, as predicted i did spend quite a lot for this trip. I mean, how can you not when gadgets sold here are ridiculously cheap and don't even get me started with clothings when everything is on S-A-L-E this time around. :P But yes, i've decided to update my wardrobe a bit since both my brother and sisters have been saying i've been wearing the same 'outdated style' the past God knows how many years? I was a bit reluctant to spend on clothings to begin with as I don't exactly live a life that requires me to walk down any red carpets cos' I do love my daily uniform of a simple T-Shirt, 3/4 pants and my slippers but since i'm already in Hong Kong and there's S-A-L-E, why not?

The three rascals...

I'm pretty much done with my shopping spree here already. For the next few days till i head back home, i'm just looking forward to spend more time with my family and relatives. Chillin' out the Brunei way..."Liat bula, minum budi"...though i don't really watch bula at all. Haha. Stupid quote that's been in my head for the past few days.

View of Hong Kong...

Oh, and I'm not suppose to be updating the blog till i get back home actually as i've made sort of a 'deal' with myself before coming here that i shall not waste any of my time doing whatever that i usually do back home, you know just to make this whole trip much more worthwhile but since i'm feeling that i'm pretty content with my trip already and there's still a few more days to go, why not just spend a few hours on the net eh?

Other than the fact that my Cantonese sucks, hearing the mis-pronunciation of BRUNEI to BURRNAYY / BOOONAI by Hongkies who have no clue where i'm from and sleepin in a room with my bro with his well played trumpet of snores every night...i'm pretty much lovin' Hong Kong!

Hope everyone's all ready and excited for Christmas. I'll see you guys soon...until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009!

In Him
(P/S: Wes, bon voyage buddy! Have fun settling down in the U.S! Sorry i couldn't see you off this time around.)

Just for laughs...try guessing who Stephen is trying to be? Don't think you'll need a clue for this one now, do you? Haha.


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