Of TVs and Players...

Ron is so smart.

Few months ago, he bought a HD TV with a home theatre system that supposedly can play movies that give a HD quality since it has a HDMI output and also after being sweet talked by the salesman who bragged sooo much about the player / tv . So, ever since he had those 2 gadgets, he's been upgrading his movies from Unitek selections to a much more better quality produced movies from the Orange DVD shop in Gadong.

Then one fine day, someone passed a comment saying the following;

"You know it's quite a waste to get such a good system but not being able to experience real HD quality movies? Not DVD 9 but real HD-HD!! You should start investing in some REAL HD quality dvds lah and see the real difference!"

So after a while, he thought to himself and agreed...why not try get maybe 1 or 2 HD movies from Amazon. That he did and in anticipation, he waited 2 weeks for the arrival of the dvds.

After 2 excruciating weeks of waiting, the dvds arrived. Oh, the joy in his heart bubbled when he held those previous HD dvds in his hands. Immediately, he went home and ripped open the plastic wrappers that said "Only for HD Dvd Players". He inserted the disc into the player and waited...

and waited....

His heart began to pound as he thought to himself..."Haha this is sooo exciting. I'm getting that "man, it seems like forever" feeling again!"

and waited again...

Again he talked to himself while waiting in excitement, "Dang it i can't wait to see the quality of the pictures. Hmm...whatever happened to those VCD days? *giggles*"

He realized, this is taking unusually long for a DVD to load. Slowly, a tingle feeling of disappointment starts to creep. He looked at the DVD case and read what's being printed on. Again those words stood out...
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is high-definition disc. Unless it is described as a "combo" disc, it will only play in an HD DVD player
He checked his player again. Slowly, everything changed from excitement to...pure annoyance. Little did he know that his little player does not actually play HD disc but instead only has a HD output as it has a HDMI cable. Although he still don't know what are the differences, at this very moment he is very very very pissed with the salesguy who claimed that the player can play all sort of discs and also very frustrated for not being able to get a HD experience after building up his excitement for so long.

And he thinks he look pretty dumb with those 3 HD DVDs without a HD DVD Player.

Ron is really so smart. -_-!

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